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At Rosa, Wedding Photography Melbourne, we believe in fairy tales and everlasting love. We strive to artistically capture those meaningful moments that eventually turn into a beautiful story of yours. Since the inception of ROSA, we have photographed over 1050+ weddings, our 9 years of valuable experience have made us one of the most trusted and talented wedding photography studio in Australia.

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Our Award-Winning photographer Evan Liang was granted a Master of Art & Design with First- Class Honours. He is a professionally trained visual artist who collaborates with his team to provide exceptional service to our clients.

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As the best wedding photographer Melbourne, taking beautiful photos is our first priority. On the other had we also strive to offer the best possible package to our client – We offer a wide range of affordable packages that suit all budgets.

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Rosa photography is a boutique studio that is revolutionizing the Melbourne wedding photography industry. Our highly professional team is enabling Rosa photography to creatively capture the most amazing wedding photography for your big day. Rosa was founded by our award-winning, the best wedding photographer Melbourne Ivan Liang, who was granted a Master of Art & Design with First-Class Honours. He is a professionally trained visual artist who collaborates with his team to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are dedicated to demonstrate our best skill set to influence the wedding photography Melbourne industry.

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Wedding photography is an art that should seriously be carried out by professionals to make your wedding occasion pleasant and memorable. Our highly experienced and the best wedding photographer Melbourne strive to provide affordable and advanced photography services with best wedding photo packages in Melbourne. By having our guidance & assistance, you will be having lovely pictures of each and every events of the wedding occasion, as our professionals are specialized in creating natural and beautiful looking photographs that will make you pleased and contented.

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Wedding photography experts are not simply about recording the events of the occasion, but also capturing those unique expressions and special moments, clicked at the perfect place and time. Landing a reasonably priced wedding photographer Melbourne is no longer a challenge at the present time. Rosa photography offers highly reliable wedding services with affordable wedding photo packages in Melbourne. Get the best photography services now!

Top Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations with the Best wedding photographer Melbourne

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens wedding photography locations Melbourne

Carlton Gardens and The Royal Exhibition Building is designed and built in 1880 for international exhibitions. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in Melbourne. The classical building and the exquisite gardens provide stunning backdrops that are perfect for wedding photography Melbourne. It’s also one of the most popular wedding photo locations in Melbourne.

There are plenty to explore and capture in Carlton gardens. It features ornamental lakes, beautiful fountains, seasonal flowers and maple trees that changes colors based on the changing seasons. In spring and summer the gardens are cover with blooming flowers and mature green trees. In autumn and earlier winter, the gardens are dressed up in golden and orange colored leaves. It’s most suitable if you are looking for the romantic autumn look. Carlton gardens is one of the best wedding photo location in Melbourne all year round.

Parliament House of Victoria wedding photos

Parliament House of Victoria is one of the oldest and thoughtfully designed buildings in Australia. The western façade architecture features magnificent array of high columns and vast sweeping steps. It provides a breathtakingly amazing classical backdrop which is ideal for glamour wedding portraits.

The large platform and oversized decorative front doors are also perfect for wedding photos. That is why it has always been one of the most popular wedding photography Melbourne destination. It’s located conveniently on the corner of Spring street and Bourke street Melbourne. Mostly importantly it’s publicly available during weekends and holidays for wedding photography purposes.

Flinders Street Station Wedding Photography – Best Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

Since 1909, Flinders Street station has been the icon of Melbourne. “I will meet you under the Clocks of Flinders” is best known as the direction of your meeting place. Located at one of the busiest intersection of Melbourne, Flinders street provided a view of Melbourne’s city life. It can give a unique look for your wedding photography.

Photos can be taken at the opposite of Flinders station which gives you a panoramic view of the building. If you are lucky enough, horse and carriage Ride is also available around the Conner. You can take them into the frame to add interest to your wedding photos. You can also have photos done right under the famous clocks which gives amazing perspective view of the dome and the arch of the building. A short walk from the station, you will find St Paul cathedral and Federation square, both are fantastic photo spots for your big day.

Docklands Webb Bridge – Modern Melbourne wedding photo locations

Being the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne city offers a ton of different locations which are great for photos. Webb Bridge is one of the best when it comes to modern and contemporary style wedding photography by their best wedding photographer Melbourne. Designed as an art project, the docklands Webb Bridge is a futuristic art piece that looks amazing from all angles. The design is inspired by fish men’s fish nets and cages. Many are playing with the idea romantically, where the bride and groom walking through the bridge like two love birds that lives happy ever after.

Fitzroy Gardens wedding photo locations Melbourne

With 150 years of rich history, Fitzroy gardens is one of the best options for your wedding. It’s conveniently location in Fitzroy which is minuets away from the Melbourne CBD. The famous Cook’s cottage is located in the heart of Fitzroy gardens. It provides a lovely rustic looking background for your wedding photos.

Fitzroy gardens also provide countless photo worthy points. It includes the gorgeous Spanish style conservatory, variety of floral displays, Japanese inspired bridge and pond, scarred trees and amazing fountains. If you are looking for the ultimate garden style wedding photography Melbourne , Fitzroy gardens is one of the great options for you.

Old Treasury Building – Melbourne City Wedding Photography Locations

Old Treasury Building is a popular Ceremony Venue for city wedding in Melbourne. It offers rooms in different sizes for all kinds of marriage ceremonies. The Margaret Craig Room suits medium sized ceremonies up to 55 Guests. And The Thomas Hyde Room suites smaller weddings up to 8 guests. These rooms are dedicated for weddings. And it can be booked as a wedding package which includes everything you need for a wedding ceremony by their best wedding photographer Melbourne.

The Old treasury building is a classical building which provided a beautiful place for photography and celebrations with your bridal party. The sepia toned stones gives a unique look to your wedding photos that is unmatched by any other locations in Melbourne. It located right next the famous Winsor hotel and a beautiful fountain which can also be the points of interest for your wedding photography Melbourne needs.

Victoria Barracks – Top Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

Victoria Barracks has long been one of the most preferred destination for wedding photographer Melbourne. The Gothic style building gives a striking look. The stylish columns and exteriors gives a charming background for lovely bridal portraits. Victoria Barracks offers dramatically different looks throughout the year. Whether you are having your wedding in spring, summer or autumn, the Barracks should be highly considered as one of your photo locations choices.

The plants grow magically along the bluestone walls provided stunning colour. In Spring and Summer, the wall is dressed in vivid green which creates strong contrast to the gothic style walls, creating an unbelievably beautiful scene. In Autumn, the leaves became golden & orange colour which gives a strong warm romantic tones. If you are looking for classical, romantic and glamour look with strong colour, then Victoria Barracks is without a doubt, the perfect place to go for your wedding photography melbourne.

Other Amazing wedding photo locations in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne is a beautiful thing. As we have a lot of amazing locations to choose from when it comes with wedding photo locations. Places such as St Patrick’s Cathedral, Hosier Lane Graffiti Walls, South Gate by Yarra river, South Melbourne Town Hall, Fitzroy town hall, St Kilda Lagoon Pier, Brighton Beach boxes, Half moon Bay, Royal Botanic gardens and a 100 more. Contact Rosa wedding Photography Melbourne today to discover which are the best wedding photography spots and get the best service by our best wedding photographer Melbourne for your wedding!