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We are a team of Elite Melbourne Wedding Photographers who offer amazing wedding photography packages at affordable prices! With over 10 years of experience, Rosa Wedding Photography will capture the essence of your special day! Fun and Fuss-free!

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Based on 54 reviews
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Cameron James
Evan was fantastic. My husband and I are not comfortable having our photo taken, but Evan made us feel really at ease. During the reception he was non-intrusive and you forgot he was there. His photos were both natural and beautiful and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end results. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who is easy going and will provide you with the end result you dreamed of, Evan is your man.
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Ian Maddick
Rosa photography was exceptional. I loved his manner before the event and working with him on the day was such a joy. The photographs are really stunning and will be cherished for many years!
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Luke The DJ You Need
Rosa Photography is professional, creative, and a joy to work with. Highly recommend for timeless, stunning photography. Evan is a gentleman and a true professional!
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Evan is truly a master of his craft. From the very start, he guided us throughout the whole process and promptly answered any and all questions we had. He also gave us many tips and tricks on how to get the best possible photos and even helped us put together our schedule for the day which was truly a massive help. On the day, Evan made everybody feel comfortable and relaxed - even those of us who are not comfortable in front of a camera! He knew precisely how to direct us, so that the photos would feel natural and not posed. Additionally, his attention to detail is unparalleled: throughout the day, he was constantly paying attention to every little thing so that the composition would feel perfect - the positioning of the veil and the flowers, the lighting, and making sure that we are not off center. Evan said that he delivers photos in 3 weeks and we received them precisely on time! Such a fast turn around compared to other photographers. Getting our photographs was such an emotional experience for us. Every detail had been captured beautifully: the moments shared with our closest while getting ready, my dad's tears seeing me for the first time, and all the beautiful memories of our ceremony and reception. As our reception was at our home, we had put so much work into creating all of the décor and Evan captured each angle perfectly. Also, we were very happy to see that we had plenty of photos of our guests having a good time! Each photograph feels truly like a piece of art - the lighting, colour grading, and composition are stunning in each one. Evan has truly provided us with memories that will last for a lifetime. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
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Mark Neville
Evan was absolutely fantastic from our very first interaction. Extremely knowledgeable and professional which gives you a sense of relief and total confidence in him and his work. His warm personality endeared him to everyone on the day and the positive comments from our guests keep coming. We cannot recommend Evan & Rosa Photography enough!!!
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Dan Anna
Evan was our photographer for our wedding! He was so talented and made us feel very comfortable on the day! Evan was beyond generous with his time. We feel very lucky that we chose Evan as our wedding photographer. We would highly recommend to our friends and family.
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Bianca Wilson
Evan took the most amazing pictures on our wedding day! Evan is very knowledgeable in the wedding industry and provided us with so much information to make the day run smoothly. He made us feel at ease and our day fun. Our photos are beautiful and not only captured our personalities and relationship, but they also look like something out of a fairytale. Highly recommend to anyone who wants the most stunning photos.
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Sophie and Clarissa
Evan is brilliant! We had such a stressful start to our wedding morning, but Evan arrived on scene and helped us de-stress and not only did we have such a calming experience he also made it fun and light and enjoyable. We absolutely loved how our photos turned out and we are definitely finding an excuse to plan another event so we can have Evan photograph it for us again!
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Rachel W
If you need a photographer for your wedding. Evan is your man! Had excellent communication and really helped us with planning out the time line for the day and the little tips and tricks you don’t even think of were amazing. Really appreciated all the work he did to help make our day so special. Evan really made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, especially when we are not usually people in front of a camera. Plus the photos are amazing! Evan appears effortless in what he does and his vast experience really shows. But most of all the photos were not only fantastic but really captured the vibe of the night! Plus loved how easy it was to access our photos and download both hi res and web versions without any complicated tech. Evan we can’t thank you enough! Rach & Brad
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rebecca beckalaurensmith
Evan was our photographer and I could not recommend him more, we were nervous about pictures for our wedding as we have never had them taken before. Evan made everyone comfortable, our guests all commented how funny and nice he was and our pictures turned out so much better than we ever expected.

Top 20 Wedding Photography Locations in Melbourne with ❤️Samples❤️

Victoria Barracks  Wedding Photography

Victoria Barracks 

Discover an unparalleled setting for capturing your special moments at Victoria Barracks, nestled in the heart of Melbourne. This historic marvel not only offers a rich legacy but also presents an array of captivating backdrops that perfectly encapsulate the beauty of your big day. Elevate your wedding album with the breathtaking visuals that Victoria Barracks effortlessly provides due to its historical significance and picturesque charm.

For couples in search of wedding photography that truly stands out, Victoria Barracks presents an unrivalled option. Boasting an advantageous location and unparalleled aesthetics, this iconic venue promises to enhance your wedding photography experience, resulting in a collection of timeless images that reflect the uniqueness of your love story.

Address: 250-300 St Kilda Rd, Southbank VIC 3006

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Albert Park Lake Wedding Photography


Unveiling itself as a realm of enchantment, Albert Park Lake emerges as an extraordinary and picturesque canvas for wedding photography in the heart of Melbourne. Its diverse range of photographic opportunities, ranging from intimate captures nestled within the park’s lush gardens to sweeping panoramas that frame the city’s iconic skyline, renders it a coveted choice among couples. Moreover, the tranquil allure of the lake itself provides an inherently romantic setting, weaving an atmosphere of serenity and romance perfect for immortalizing the exchange of vows. By selecting Albert Park Lake, you are embracing an idyllic haven where the convergence of splendid settings and breathtaking ambience ensures that your wedding memories are nothing short of remarkable.

Address: 33 Lakeside Dr, Albert Park VIC

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Fitzroy Gardens Wedding Photography

Fitzroy Gardens

Nestled within the heart of Melbourne, Fitzroy Gardens unfolds as an idyllic and effortlessly accessible haven for wedding photography. This captivating expanse of natural beauty unfurls a myriad of picturesque settings, each meticulously maintained to perfection, featuring a tapestry of flowers, trees, and manicured lawns. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the strategic positioning of Fitzroy Gardens adds an element of convenience to your special day. With easy accessibility through public transport and close proximity to renowned wedding venues such as the Old Treasury Building, Windsor Hotel, and Grand Hyatt, the gardens offer a seamless fusion of natural splendor and logistical ease. Opting for Fitzroy Gardens not only promises visually stunning wedding photographs but also ensures that your day unfolds in an ambiance of exceptional convenience and charm.

Address: Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Wedding Photography

Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building

Renowned as both a favored and adaptable choice, the Royal Exhibition Building stands as an exceptional setting for wedding photography within Melbourne. The blend of its majestic architecture and breathtaking environment offers an ideal canvas, catering to both conventional and modern wedding captures. Nestled gracefully within the embrace of Carlton Gardens, this venue boasts not only a remarkable setting but also a spectrum of versatile spaces that lend themselves perfectly to the artistry of wedding photography. Its reputation as a sought-after locale is underlined by its exceptional charm and the multifaceted opportunities it presents for crafting timeless memories. Opt for the Royal Exhibition Building, and embark on a journey to etch your wedding moments against a backdrop that effortlessly harmonises grandeur and allure.

Address: 1-111 Carlton St, Carlton VIC 3053

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South Melbourne Town Hall Wedding Photography

South Melbourne Town Hall

The South Melbourne Town Hall emerges as an exquisite and unparalleled gem within the realm of wedding photography. With its timeless architectural grace and the grandeur of its magnificent staircase, this historic edifice unfolds as a captivating canvas, offering an inherently romantic and visually resplendent stage for your momentous occasion. Be it your inclination toward the classical or the avant-garde, this venue effortlessly adapts, ensuring that your wedding album becomes a veritable repository of exceptional memories. Opt for the South Melbourne Town Hall and you are guaranteed to elevate your wedding photography to an extraordinary level, embracing an atmosphere where aesthetics and sentiment converge in perfect harmony.

Address: Fishley St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

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Collins Street Wedding Photography Melbourne

Collins Street 

Steeped in timeless allure, Collins Street in Melbourne stands as an iconic haven for wedding photography, embodying both elegance and tradition. The boulevard, adorned with a canopy of trees and resplendent Victorian-era architecture, unfurls a tranquil and refined backdrop that harmonises seamlessly with your cherished occasion. Photographers specialising in weddings hold an affinity for Collins Street’s enduring charm, coupled with its serene ambiance during weekdays. This unique blend grants them the opportunity to effortlessly seize those irreplaceable moments that define a lifetime

Address: Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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Royal Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography

Royal Botanic Gardens

Indulge in the tranquility and sheer beauty of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, an idyllic sanctuary that beckons for your wedding photography. Amidst these verdant havens, a panorama of landscapes and gardens unfurls, each a canvas for crafting captivating memories frozen in time. The Royal Botanic Gardens don’t merely offer picturesque aesthetics; their meticulously nurtured beauty harmonizes with the strategic convenience of being proximate to major hotels and boasting ample parking, rendering them an uncomplicated and refined choice for your extraordinary day. Whether your vision calls for an intimate garden haven or a grand, sweeping vista, the Royal Botanic Gardens stand as an impeccable location that transcends expectations. Embrace the serenity, embrace the artistry, and make your wedding moments eternally breathtaking amidst this natural masterpiece.

Address: Tan Track, Melbourne VIC 3004

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Spice Market Wedding Photography

Spice Market

Dare to dream beyond the ordinary, for the spice market extends its invitation to you throughout the week, both on tranquil weekdays and bustling weekends. This accessibility solidifies it as a seamless choice for couples seeking a location that effortlessly aligns with their uniqueness and individuality. As the curtains rise on this unconventional stage, let your love shine under the vibrant canopy of colors and energy that define the spice market. With this choice, you not only escape the ordinary but also etch your story against a canvas that transforms wedding photography into an extraordinary, sensorial experience.

Address: Beaney Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

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Hosier Lane Wedding Photography

Hosier Lane

Immerse yourselves in the exuberance of your wedding day against the captivating canvas of one of Melbourne’s most renowned and dynamic settings – Hosier Lane. This iconic alleyway, celebrated for its vivacious street art, unfurls as a uniquely exquisite backdrop that promises to infuse your wedding photos with unparalleled character. Within the art-adorned walls of Hosier Lane, the palpable energy and elation of your special day are masterfully encapsulated, rendering each image a visual symphony of emotions.

As you revisit your wedding album, the vibrant essence of Hosier Lane will effortlessly transport you back to the very moments of happiness and love that define your union. By choosing Hosier Lane, you aren’t just selecting a location; you are crafting an indelible experience, a journey through colors and emotions that culminate in a tapestry of memories. This singular choice ensures that your wedding photography becomes a living testament to the unique love story you’re composing, a timeless piece of art that mirrors the vibrancy of your journey.

Address: HOSIER Lane Melbourne VIC

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National Gallery of Victoria Wedding Photography

National Gallery of Victoria

Nestled at the heart of Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria is a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality. Its strategic centrality aligns with its role as a beacon for couples seeking a remarkable venue, while its comprehensive facilities envelop the occasion with a touch of grace and ease. The National Gallery’s allure isn’t solely defined by its aesthetics; it’s a holistic experience that unifies stunning surroundings with the practicalities that underpin an unforgettable event. As you embark on this artistic journey, let the National Gallery of Victoria curate not just photographs, but an entire experience that harmonises beauty, functionality, and the profound sentiment of your wedding day.

Address: 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006

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Parliament House Wedding Photography

Parliament House

Discover the realm of enchantment that is Parliament House, a veritable haven for wedding photography in Melbourne. The resplendence of its architectural masterpiece and the majesty of its surroundings serve as an inexhaustible reservoir of opportunities for crafting breathtaking images, whether you’re inclined towards the classic or the innovative. The regal sweep of its staircases and the grandeur of its entrance conspire to unfurl an expansive canvas primed to encapsulate your once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Nestled at the epicenter of Melbourne’s pulsating heart, Parliament House isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a gateway to a tapestry of diverse photo settings. Its strategic positioning ensures seamless access to the plethora of other awe-inspiring photographic locales that Melbourne unfurls. Beyond its stunning aesthetics, Parliament House amplifies your wedding photography experience by catalyzing an intricate dance between elegance and modernity.

Address: 489/531 Albert St, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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Labassa Mansion Wedding Photography

Labassa Mansion

Embark on a voyage of enchantment at Labassa Mansion, an exquisite haven for wedding photography nestled within the picturesque enclave of Caulfield North. Adorned by seven acres of verdant gardens and sprawling grounds, this meticulously restored mansion unfurls an eclectic tapestry of photo opportunities that effortlessly traverse the spectrum from timeless elegance to contemporary allure.

This architectural masterpiece doesn’t just encapsulate the past; it serves as a living canvas for crafting your unique wedding narrative. Its stately architecture and sweeping staircase epitomize the epitome of grandeur, offering a backdrop that elegantly unites tradition and modernity. As you stand within the embrace of Labassa Mansion, the amalgamation of its beauty and history bears testament to the profound sentiment of your special day.

Address: 2 Manor Grove, Caulfield North VIC 3161

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Brighton Beach Wedding Photography

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is more than a backdrop; it’s a co-protagonist that accentuates your love story against the canvas of nature’s marvels. The rhythmic cadence of the waves, the whisper of the sea breeze—these elements seamlessly harmonize to etch your wedding memories in a symphony of emotions.

Opting for Brighton Beach isn’t merely a choice; it’s a voyage into the realm of timeless artistry. The beach doesn’t just frame your moments; it composes them, sculpting them into memories you’ll hold dear forever. This is an opportunity to transmute your love into visual treasures that mirror the enchantment of your bond. By selecting Brighton Beach, you’re embracing an experience that is as unique as it is unforgettable, a testament to your journey, your love, and your shared beginnings.

Address: Esplanade, Brighton VIC 3186

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Melbourne Town Hall Wedding Photography

Melbourne Town Hall

The Melbourne Town Hall isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an embodiment of the city’s spirit, history, and elegance. Its architecture holds within it a tale that transcends generations, adding an ineffable touch of magic to the canvas of your special day. The interplay of light and structure, the dynamic interweaving of tradition and modernity—all blend harmoniously to create an ambiance that defines your union.

By selecting Melbourne Town Hall, you aren’t just choosing a location; you’re opting for an experience that encapsulates Melbourne’s essence. The enchanting spaces, the historical significance, and the convenience converge to curate a symphony of beauty, sentiment, and practicality. As the camera captures fleeting moments against this extraordinary backdrop, each photograph becomes a testament to the profound magic that your special day embodies.

Address: 90-130 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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Lagoon Pier Wedding Photography

Lagoon pier

The Lagoon Pier isn’t just a location; it’s a portal to a realm of visual poetry. As the sun descends, painting the sky in shades of gold and crimson, the pier’s vistas transform into a breathtaking canvas for the golden hour, a time synonymous with the magic of sunsets. The allure of this spot isn’t confined to the light alone; it extends to the presence of the Melbourne skyline, a testament to the vibrant heart of the city.

Opting for the Lagoon Pier isn’t simply a choice; it’s an invitation to partake in an enchanting experience that resonates far beyond the photographs. As you stand amidst the serenity of the waters and the grandeur of the skyline, you’re not merely capturing moments; you’re embracing a memory, a legacy of the love story you’re penning. The Lagoon Pier in St. Kilda isn’t just a setting; it’s a chapter within your wedding narrative that will forever remind you of the ethereal magic that defines your special day.

Address: Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia

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State Library Victoria Wedding Photography

State Library Victoria

The Victoria State Library isn’t merely a building; it’s a cultural cornerstone that resonates with Melbourne’s identity. Beyond its architectural splendor, the library weaves a tapestry of history and inspiration that elevates each captured moment. Its central location ensures the seamless inclusion of the city’s vibrant rhythm, adding depth to your visual story.

By selecting the Victoria State Library, you’re choosing more than just a venue; you’re embracing a narrative that transcends the ordinary. The open spaces, the historical significance, and the seamless fusion with the city’s ethos culminate in a photography experience that is as distinct as it is memorable. As you stand amidst the library’s allure, you’re participating in a story that fuses your love with Melbourne’s soul, creating an album of memories that will forever narrate the tale of your extraordinary day.

Address: 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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St Kilda Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography

St Kilda Botanic Gardens

Within the realm of Wedding Photography Melbourne, our aim resonates deeply—to encapsulate the raw emotions and profound love of your momentous day through a collection of exquisitely beautiful photographs that will endure as treasures for eternity. Our team, a coterie of seasoned professionals, wields the artistry and expertise required to transform moments into visual masterpieces within the embracing ambience of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

Nestled within the heart of this bustling city, these gardens aren’t merely a location; they’re a canvas imbued with the hues of nature’s splendor. Each corner unfurls a distinct backdrop—a myriad of options that range from the intimately enchanting to the panoramically expansive. This visual symphony is underscored by the added convenience of a central location, inviting seamless access for couples and guests alike.

Address:  11 Herbert St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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CBD Wedding Photography Melbourne

Melbourne CBD

In the heart of this innovative wave, couples are discovering a new dimension of wedding photography. The fashion stores, often overlooked, possess an uncanny ability to fuse aesthetic grandeur with contemporary charm. The interplay of window installations, the symmetry of design, and the intermingling of textures transform into the symphony against which your love story unfolds. In this unconventional embrace, you find a haven where artistry and emotion harmonize effortlessly.

Choosing a fashion store for your wedding photography isn’t merely an alternative; it’s a testament to your journey’s distinctiveness. In these boutiques, you’re no longer just capturing moments; you’re creating an indelible visual narrative that is as unique as your love. This trend, often unexplored, holds the potential to redefine your wedding photography, making it an amalgamation of style, substance, and sentiment. As you stand amidst carefully crafted displays and the interplay of light, you’re weaving your love into a tableau that will forever mirror the essence of your special day—a day that’s as exceptional as the choice you’ve made.

Address: Melbourne CBD

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ACDC Lane Wedding Photography


In the midst of ACDC Lane’s enchantment, you’re embracing more than just a backdrop; you’re capturing the essence of Melbourne’s artistic heartbeat. The juxtaposition of tradition and edginess, of vibrant colors against the brick canvas, paints a striking tableau. Opting for ACDC Lane isn’t merely an alternative; it’s a celebration of the unconventional. Here, you’re encapsulating your love against a backdrop that sings the song of urban life, adding depth and dimension to your wedding album. Whether you’re seeking a departure from convention or a dash of contemporary flair, ACDC Lane promises an experience that is as unique as the journey you’re embarking upon—a journey where your love story merges seamlessly with the city’s rhythm.

Address: ACDC Lane, Melbourne, Vic 3000

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Dockland Waterfront Wedding Photography

Dockland waterfront

At the heart of Dockland Melbourne’s allure is its ability to transform night into a canvas of enchantment. Here, the cityscape ignites with a symphony of lights, crafting a backdrop that emanates magic. Against the urban panorama, the tranquil waters of the harbor serve as a poetic reflection of your union, symbolizing the stillness within the bustling city.

The choice of Dockland Melbourne isn’t just about a location; it’s about embracing the allure of the night, of the city’s heartbeat echoing in each image. The dance of light and shadow, the embrace of the harbor’s serenity—these elements weave a tale that’s as much about the present as it is about legacy. The twinkling lights, the gentle ripples—the scene encapsulates more than what meets the eye; it mirrors the sentiment, the love, and the fleeting yet eternal moments of your day.

Address: 84 Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008

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Flinders Street Station Wedding Photography

Flinders Street Station 

One of the most iconic backdrops is right beneath the famed clocks. Here, a symphony of perspective emerges—the arch, the dome, and the heart of the station compose an enchanting visual chorus. This image isn’t just a photograph; it’s a portal into the station’s narrative.

And the journey doesn’t halt here. A leisurely stroll takes you to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Federation Square—both meticulously curated photo destinations for your significant day. Flinders Street Station isn’t merely a location; it’s an anthology of Melbourne’s spirit, the fusion of architecture and life that defines the city.

As you step into Flinders Street Station’s embrace, you’re not just capturing photographs; you’re embodying history. Each shot becomes a page within Melbourne’s narrative, your narrative. Here, tradition and modernity converge, crafting an album that mirrors the beauty of a city and the love that forms its heartbeat—a symphony that immortalises your journey under the Clocks of Flinders.

Address: Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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Top 20 Most Photogenic Wedding Reception Venues in Melbourne with ❤️Samples❤️

Overnewton Castle Wedding Photography

Overnewton Castle

The Overnewton Castle is an exquisite wedding destination for producing breathtaking wedding photographs, in the opinion of a Melbourne wedding photographer. In fact, couples who get married at the Overnewton Castle don’t need to travel elsewhere to do bridal party wedding photography because on-site at the Overnewton Castle, you’ll find the gazebo and the garden for natural and candid wedding photos, the front of the homestead is ideal for taking pictures with the limos, and the backside of the bluestone building is ideal for bridal party wedding photography.

For our Melbourne couples looking to take some dramatic wedding photos, the famed staircase inside the mansion is a must-visit venue. The top 4 spots for wedding photos in the grounds of Overnewton Castle are listed below! Scottish Baronial architecture can be seen throughout Overnewton Castle, including a lovely chapel with authentic oak wood panels that were carved and shipped from Scotland during the initial construction.Enjoy the venue spaces at Overnewton Castle for a stunning reception with classic elegance and a view of the lovely castle gardens!

Address: 51 Overnewton Rd, Keilor VIC 3036

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wedding photogrpahy melbourne home

Lyrebird Falls

Wedding photography at Lyrebird Falls was one of the experiences that our devoted photographers will always cherish.Not that we didn’t feel the same way in other locations, but there’s just something special about taking wedding photos in a forest. A very valuable chance for any wedding photographer is created by forests since you can see sunshine penetrating through the trees which is magical.

We would have our bride and groom having photos by the woods, surrounded by wonderful, thick ferns and lovely streams, while guests enjoyed their drinks. Ferns are usually a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos, and Lyrebird Falls has a tonne of them!Of course, operating in places with very little light is difficult, but experts like us are trained to accomplish just that.

We are fully aware of the equipment to bring and the painstaking expertise required to acquire the greatest image for your wedding memories because we have conducted wedding photoshoots in a variety of lighting conditions.The ideal intimate Melbourne wedding venue is Lyrebird Falls! This is a lovely option for a somewhat smaller wedding inside the stunning evergreen Dandenong Ranges forest.

Address: 175 Monbulk Rd, Kallista VIC 3791

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Encore Wedding Photography


A stunning coastal wedding site is a must-see in St. Kilda, Victoria. Use Port Philip Bay as the backdrop for your images! We appreciate that the location can accommodate up to 300 guests seated and provides customisable meals for your wedding reception and cocktail hour. The room is very stylish, opulent, and trendy.

The Encore St. Kilda, which is situated in the centre of Port Philip Bay, is a luxurious waterfront wedding venue that this year’s brides rave about. With a trendy rooftop on the structure, couples can select to exchange vows in front of the gorgeous beach and palm tree background at The Encore St Kilda, which appears as a spectacular option for exquisite and laid-back coastal weddings. The Encore St. Kilda’s interior has a sophisticated and contemporary vibe that is ideal for an elegant coastal wedding. Another benefit of booking your wedding at this oceanfront Melbourne venue is the big seating capacity, which can accommodate up to 700 people.

Address: 10/18 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda VIC 3182

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Windmill Gardens Wedding Photography

Windmill Gardens

Windmill Gardens Reception is one of the top wedding settings for those searching for an opulent and dramatic wedding, according to a Melbourne wedding photographer with years of experience in the wedding business. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice or information on how to organise a wedding at Windmill Gardens Reception.

In Sydenham, Victoria, Aria at Windmill Gardens is a stunning wedding location with well-kept gardens. Additionally, they provide a skilled wedding planning team that includes caterers. On their 11 acres, they have a church with stained glass windows and a stunning garden gazebo with a lake in the background. Then, your reception can be held in their dining room, which is encircled by a 360-degree balcony.

Address: 533-539 Leakes Rd, Plumpton VIC 3335

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Leonda by the Yarra Wedding Photography

Leonda by the Yarra

As wedding photographers in Melbourne, we are especially grateful for places like Leonda by the Yarra that appear to have escaped the city’s rapid expansion. We think that the plainly constructed ballroom, the private jetty, and the well-kept garden are all very traditional settings for a wedding photo session. As each event takes place, a romantic atmosphere will linger, making you and your spouse look genuine and unforced in photos.

Our crew of skilled photographers is always prepared in case you decide to arrive at the location in ways such by boat or even a water ski. A water ski, indeed! Opportunities like these can help your wedding videography stand out from the crowd; chances like these are rare in most other Melbourne locations. A waterfront wedding with pillar-less spaces, a personalised meal, and floor to ceiling windows will not be forgotten.

Address: 2 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122

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Avalon Castle Wedding Photography

Avalon Castle

Look no further than the Avalon Castle in Cockatoo, Victoria, if your heart is set on the fairy-tale nuptial of your childhood fantasies. The gardens and the castle’s walls are well-kept and manicured, making them ideal locations for your bridal photographs.

Normal arrangements call for the group shot to be taken in front of the castle following the wedding ceremony. The old structures and well-kept gardens can provide a rustic and romantic setting for your wedding portraits.

Avalon Castle offers customisable options for the wedding reception that range from a casual cocktail-style meal to a formal 3-course supper with all of your decorations and cake included. Avalon Castle is among the greatest wedding settings for those searching for a distinctive castle wedding, according to a wedding photographer with years of experience in the wedding industry. If you have any inquiries about organising a wedding at Avalon Castle,

Address: 1 Flora Cl, Cockatoo VIC 3781

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Tatra Reception Wedding Photography

Tatra Reception

We were absolutely in awe of how beautiful this location is. It is a breathtaking location that would enthral every wedding photographer out there.

Tatra Receptions’ outside space is picture-perfect in person and on camera, and their expansive gardens full of blooms offer countless choices for creative or uninspired photography. We also adore how wonderfully their well maintained plants are arranged along the walkway as you pass the tiny bridge. It is acknowledged that the garden at Tatra Receptions is the result of 70 years of tender loving care; it is one of Melbourne’s oldest gardens.

The group photographs that our photographers captured using the outdoor staircase are just lovely. Brides and grooms adore this location’s outdoor environment, and Tatra Receptions’ wedding videography has to add that the Dandenong Ranges forest’s canopy offers a stunning backdrop. Tatra Receptions will provide the most amazing images for a garden wedding, according to any Melbourne wedding photographer you ask.

Address: 1401 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Mount Dandenong VIC

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The Manor on High Wedding Photography

The Manor on High

For brides and couples seeking something elegant and traditional, Epping, Victoria is home to a wedding ceremony and reception location. They provide a variety of locations, including their grounds, the Georgian Room, the Grand Ballroom, the Regency Room, and the Courtyards.

The Manor on High is the place to go if you want the most luxurious wedding reception in Northern Melbourne. You will fall in love with the venue at first sight because of its French Georgian interior design and pillar-free space packed with stunning crystal chandeliers. Manor on High truly understands what it takes to provide an opulent atmosphere for its guests.

Additionally, it is one of the few wedding receptions that features three ballrooms, making it a great option whether you are hosting a small or large guest list. With the exception of the Regency, Georgian, and Grand Ballrooms. In addition, Manor on High includes a lovely courtyard and a cigar lounge.

Address: 519 High St, Epping VIC 3076

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Poet’s Lane Wedding Photography

Poet’s Lane

There are two possibilities for the wedding ceremony at Poet’s Lane Receptions. Dandenong Range weddings are always well-liked because of the gorgeous outdoor garden Gazebo, which is accompanied by white chairs, a cascading waterfall, and an ornate bridge. The chapel can be an alternative for the bride and groom if it starts to rain. It has a stunning stained glass window and three magnificent crystal chandeliers that illuminate the high ceilings.

Poet’s Lane Receptions offers a variety of wedding photography settings because it is surrounded by stunning mature oak trees. The bride and groom have several locations to choose from for their wedding photos, including the classic lanes, the charming bridge, and the year-round gardens.

The lodging at Poet’s Lane Receptions is outstanding. Starting the night before your wedding, it can pamper the bride, the groom, and the bridal party. Your wedding day will become the most memorable day of your life thanks to the ease and elegance captured by our wedding photographers and cinematographers.

Address: 13 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke VIC 3789

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Chateau Wyuna Wedding Photography

Chateau Wyuna

The wedding ceremony alternatives at Chateau Wyuna are excellent. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are frequently held in beautiful outdoor pergolas or waterfall gardens. The bride and groom may choose to get married in the historic chapel that is on the national register of historic places.

The Chateau Wyuna offers a variety of wedding photography settings as it is situated on six acres of lovely gardens. A few locations for the bride and groom to take wedding photos include the grand trees, the heritage chapel, and the log cabin residence.

One of our favourite wedding reception locations on the Dandenong Ranges, as seen through the lens of a Melbourne wedding photographer, is Chateau Wyuna Receptions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how to arrange a wedding at Chateau Wyuna for advice and details from a wedding photographer’s perspective.

Address: 170 Swansea Rd, Mount Evelyn VIC 3140

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Monsalvat Wedding Photography


Any photographer who has seen the magnificent collection of structures in Montsalvat definitely dreams of shooting a wedding there. We appreciate this rural-feeling location as much as the general public does. No matter how many times we attend a wedding, the anticipation never gets old.

We strive to produce a storybook of photographs that you and your loved ones will remember for the longest period against the backdrop of exquisitely constructed structures. Not only were the images exceptional, but Montsalvat wedding videography as a whole produced outcomes that were, to put it mildly, above ordinary. Even though Brides and Grooms were only an hour away from Melbourne, they appeared to be from a completely different time period.

It’s interesting to note that Montsalvat’s vibe is consistently cosy and loving. It is rare that we come across locations that could keep this amazing location’s ambience throughout the day, making it very natural for a bride and groom to feel at ease during picture sessions.

Address: 7 Hillcrest Ave, Eltham VIC 3095

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Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre Wedding Photography

Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre

As a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I always like bringing my couples into the ballroom before the celebration starts. The big staircase and the spacious dance floor are ideal for some dramatic wedding photos, in addition to allowing me to capture the couples’ reactions and feelings when they finally got to view the reception room decorations they had spent months planning and decorating.

You will enjoy the great flexibility as well as the luxurious ambience that the Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre in Melbourne offers when you get married there. The Lakeside provides three distinct rooms that can be customised to fit your wedding’s style and guest count.

With a maximum capacity of 600 guests, the Lakeview Ballroom is the largest ballroom that Lakeside has to offer. It is the ideal choice for large, opulent weddings like Lebanese weddings.

Address: 65 Melton Hwy, Taylors Lakes VIC 3038

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Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding Photography

Emu Bottom Homestead

The Homestead is likely one of the most recognisable and popular venues for wedding celebrations. With a spacious and lovely dining area that leads out to a sizable veranda, this property also offers amazing views of the lawns, gardens, and the magnificent Macedon Ranges. A further sense of elegance is added to the event by the homestead’s white walls.

The Woolshed has a unique, huge stone open fireplace that was built inside the structure in 1854 using rough, red gum stones. Due to its smaller size, it is ideal for more private and small-scale wedding parties.

Couples don’t even need to worry about travelling somewhere for images on their wedding since Emu Bottom Homestead, a Melbourne wedding photographer, offers the ideal location for natural and candid wedding photography. The Emu Bottom Homestead offers several choices for wedding photography, whether you like historic structures or a natural flora backdrop among the gumtrees. Here are the best 3 locations there:

Address: Homestead Way, Sunbury VIC 3429

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Brighton Savoy Wedding Photography

Brighton Savoy

If you haven’t already seen it, the Australian Bridal Industry Association gave this location the Best Hotel Wedding Reception Venue award. We can confidently state that this honour is deserving.

The amenities at Brighton Savoy are indeed commendable, and despite being quite constrained, there were several lovely photo options, according to our experience shooting weddings here.

Conveniently, brides and grooms frequently ask for a few beach photographs, particularly in nice weather. Brighton Beach is one of the best backdrops for a wedding photo, in our opinion as Melbourne wedding photographers! You may witness the breathtaking view that was taken at sunset from above in our Brighton Savoy wedding movie. The outcome was amazing.

Address: 150 Esplanade, Brighton VIC 3186

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Harbour Room St Kilda Wedding Photography

Harbour Room St Kilda

Being a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I enjoy capturing beautiful Melbourne wedding photography at this beachside wedding location. Whether it’s on-site or off-site near the venue, there are always lots of wedding photography chances. The following are the top 3 locations for stunning wedding photos in or around the Harbour Room: The Catani Gardens nearby, sunset shots close to St. Kilda Beach, and a rooftop with an ocean backdrop are all options.

The Harbour Room is the ideal wedding location for individuals who are dreaming of a coastal wedding venue that takes advantage of the gorgeous St Kilda beach and beautiful sunset, in the opinion of a Melbourne wedding photographer.

You can have your wedding ceremony on the iconic rooftop of the Harbour Room, which offers stunning views of Port Philip Bay. After 4 o’clock in the afternoon is the finest time for your rooftop wedding ceremony since the light becomes softer and has a hint of golden colour, which gives the event a more romantic feel. As a backup location for the wedding ceremony, the indoor venue may be chosen if the weather proves to be too windy or wet.

Address: 2 Pier Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182

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Sandbar Beach Cafe Wedding Photography

Sandbar Beach Cafe

In comparison to other cafes, Sandbar Beach Cafe is a little different. It is the ideal wedding location for a couple looking for a Candid and Beach Wedding without having to go far. It is located in the Beaconsfield Parade Middle Park.

The Sandbar Beach Cafe provides a lovely decking area for your wedding ceremony. It is the perfect location to exchange vows because it faces Port Philip Bay and has a breathtaking natural backdrop.

After the ceremony, we can walk along the beach or visit other nearby famous spots for the wedding picture shoot. Just a few spots that come to mind right away are Princess Pier, Luna Park, and St. Kilda Botanical Gardens.

The Sandbar Beach Cafe can accommodate 150 guests for the wedding celebration. They also provide three options for wedding décor to make your wedding day operate more smoothly. You won’t regret holding your wedding celebration at Sandbar Beach thanks to the delectable food, welcoming service, and the unbroken natural sea view it offers.

As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I can attest that Sandbar Beach Cafe is a stunning beach location for your small, elegant wedding. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how to organise a wedding at Sandbar Beach Cafe.

Address: 175B Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park VIC 3206

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Eagle Ridge Wedding Photography

Eagle Ridge Weddings

I always have a suggestion for a couple looking to get married on the Mornington Peninsula: Eagle Ridge. The breathtaking golf course and gardens serve as the setting for the rustic, natural, and genuine weddings at Eagle Ridge.

I think the Rotunda is the ideal location for the wedding ceremony to take place. A golf course and English-style gardens provide a stunning backdrop as you relax on the lake’s edge. It presents me with the ideal chance to capture your wedding ceremony on camera. In between the rituals for the reception, we might even take some nighttime wedding pictures.

According to wedding photographers, Eagle Ridge’s traditional porte-cochere entrance is another excellent option for wedding photography. With or without a wedding limousine, you can have your wedding portraits taken here.

As a specialist in wedding photography, I can affirm that Eagle Ridge is a fantastic location for rustic and spontaneous weddings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how to organise a wedding at Eagle Ridge for advice and details from a wedding photographer’s perspective.

Address: on the Mornington Peninsula, 215 Browns Rd, Boneo VIC 3939

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Sandringham Yacht Club Wedding Photography

Sandringham Yacht Club

One of Melbourne’s most well-known and distinctive waterfront wedding locations is Sandringham Yacht Club, or SYC for short. The Sandringham Yacht Club is the ideal wedding destination because to its panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, delectable and fine cuisine, and great location in the City of Bayside.

Southern Podium is a roomy and beautiful location for the wedding ceremony at Sandringham Yacht Club. Your wedding ceremony photographs will look perfect against the stunning panorama of Port Phillip Bay. Sandringham Yacht Club also offers a fallback indoor option for you in case the unpredictable Melbourne weather returns.

The Port Phillip Room at the SYC can comfortably seat 250 guests for wedding receptions while still providing a roomy dance floor for the reception’s evening entertainment.

Even though there are many options for wedding photography at the Sandringham Yacht Club, the sunset wedding photos serve as the venue’s defining feature. The sunset with an ocean view is simply breathtaking, whether it is a winter or summer wedding. Any skilled Melbourne wedding photographer won’t pass up this chance to take some stunning and creative wedding photos.

Sandringham Yacht Club is one wedding reception location for a cutting-edge and spectacular wedding, in the opinion of a Melbourne wedding photographer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how to arrange a wedding at Sandringham Yacht Club. We can offer advice and information from the perspective of a wedding photographer.

Address: Jetty Rd, Sandringham VIC 3191

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Werribee Mansion Wedding Photography

Werribee Mansion

Melbourne wedding photography at the Werribee Mansion makes fantastic use of the formal garden setting and the old Palladian-inspired mansion as a backdrop. One of the most popular spots for photos within the Werribee Mansion is the old staircase.

With opulent lodging accessible right on site, you may begin getting ready for your wedding at the Werribee Mansion and enjoy all the conveniences that this all-in-one heritage wedding venue has to offer.

The Lancemore Werribee Mansion offers a wide range of alternatives for ceremony and reception locations. The Werribee Mansion can provide you with the wedding that precisely matches your vision, whether it is a traditional sitting-down wedding or a laid-back cocktail wedding.

Due in large part to the countless photo opportunities, the Lancemore Werribee Mansion offers, as a Melbourne wedding photographer I adore taking beautiful wedding photography there. As previously said, the estate’s many settings, such as the gardens, lawns, and historic home, harmonised flawlessly together.

Address: Gate 2, K Rd, Werribee South VIC 3030

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Zonzo Estate Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

Zonzo Estate

Both indoor and outdoor ceremony options are available at The Zonzo Estate. The newlyweds will benefit from the gorgeous vineyard and the Yarra Valley rolling hill backdrop as the outdoor ceremony is place on the lawn. The interior ceremony will take place in the Cappella Chapel, a distinctively constructed structure with a sizable floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the breathtaking Yarra Valley.

While the Zonzo Estate’s outside grass option continues to be the most popular choice for wedding ceremonies, couples frequently choose the chapel as a fallback alternative or winter wedding site.

The main restaurant and the stable are the two eating areas available at the Zonzo Estate for weddings of various sizes and styles. The main restaurant, which is made of rustic bricks and lumber, has a huge capacity for 180 seated guests and can be configured so that the dance floor is set up outside beneath the fairy lights. On the other side, The Stable, a smaller space with a seating capacity of about 80, is ideal for smaller, more private weddings.

Address: 957 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd, Yarra Glen VIC 3775

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Wedding photography Planning Tips


Groom getting ready

Time: Allow 1Hr to 1.5Hr

We often stay at the groom’s home for 1 to 1.5 hours to record his accessories, get-ready pictures, and family pictures. It could take longer, though, depending on the size of the bridal party and the type of ceremony.

1. Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready. If you’re using a professional photographer, be sure to schedule your appointment accordingly.

2. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself! This is a special day, and you’ll want to take it all in.

3. Make sure your attire and accessories are ready to go ahead of time. This will help avoid any last-minute surprises or delays.

4. Relax and enjoy your time with family and friends before the ceremony begins. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate with those you love most.


Bride getting ready

Time: Allow 1.5Hr to 2 Hr

Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready on the day of your wedding. The bride getting ready session usually takes around 1.5 – 2 hours, so make sure you allow enough time for this.

Getting ready for your wedding can be an exciting but anxious time. Here are a few tips to help make the groom getting ready photos session go smoothly:

1. During the bride’s getting ready session, it is important to capture photos of her and her bridesmaids as they get ready. This includes photos of them putting on their dresses, fixing their hair and makeup, and any other pre-wedding rituals they may be performing.

2. Make sure the makeup artist is done before the photographer arrives. This will help ensure that there are no distractions and that you can focus on getting ready.

3. Family photos are also a very important part of every wedding. It would be great if we can have some family portraits of the bride’s family during the getting ready session. Make sure your family are also ready for photos.

4. Relax and enjoy yourself! The bride getting ready session is a fun and relaxing time, so make the most of it!


Ceremony and Family Photos

Time: Allow 30mins for the ceremony and 45mins for family photos.

I would essentially take care of pretty much everything related to wedding photography during the ceremony while you are getting married to your partner.

1. As soon as the ceremony begins, take a few deep breaths and try to focus on the moment.

2. Pay attention to your loved ones and their reactions during the ceremony.

3. Try to relax and have fun during family photos!

It is normal to feel nervous before meeting your loved one for the first time, which usually occurs at the wedding ceremony. In order for me to capture wedding photos with genuine emotions, tears, and laughter, it is crucial that you allow your emotions to take over. In the end, it’s the sincere moments that count.

I would always give your guests time to see you after your wedding ceremony so they could express their congrats. After that, I would set up family and group portraits to be taken somewhere close with a lovely backdrop. Making a list of your family images is one piece of advice I would like to give to every couple regarding family photos. You could save a ton of time on grouping people if you had a list in front of you.


Wedding Locations Photos

Time: Allow 1hr per wedding photography location.

It’s actually one of the most crucial aspects of a couple’s wedding photography: the wedding photo location is the one place on the big day where the newlywed may spend time alone with only their bridal party. They can enjoy the time hanging out with the bridal party. Another main reason for choosing a great wedding photography location is that it allows your professional wedding photographer to express his/her creativity while capturing the couples’ beautiful wedding photos.

Many brides and grooms find it challenging to choose the places for their wedding photos on their own, therefore I usually set up a pre-wedding consultation at Rosa Photography Melbourne with the bride and groom to primarily discuss and plan their wedding timeline and choose the right location that suits their style.

Every wedding is unique, and every couple wants to take wedding photos in a different way and at a different location. However, I advise scheduling at least an hour for the session in order to take enough wedding photos at the wedding venue to include in the wedding album. And if you want to visit several photo spots, remember to provide extra time for travel.


Wedding Reception

Finally,  the bride and groom arrived at their wedding reception to celebrate the day with their loved ones. If time allows, we must document the celebration’s décor and general setup when we first arrive because the couple spent a lot of time and work creating their ideal wedding reception.

We will always use documentary wedding photography at the reception to record the entry of the bridal party, the first dance, and any speeches. The couple should provide your wedding photographer with a wedding timeline of the event formalities so your wedding photographer knows exactly. what to expect.

Terminology of Wedding Photography

There are many special terms that photographers use in the world of professional wedding photography. A meeting with your Melbourne wedding photographer is something you intend to do. The vocabulary used in wedding photography is listed below, from A to Z, to help you ace your first encounter.


Accessory photos: pictures that show the wedding couple’s accessories in great detail. Typically, accessory images are taken in the morning as people are getting ready.

Adventure style wedding photography: as well as photographs for elopement weddings. To take beautiful wedding photos, only the couple and the wedding photographer typically fly interstate or abroad, with possibly a small bridal party on occasion.

Affordable Melbourne wedding photography package: The average cost of wedding photography in Melbourne was $2914 and $2963 in Australia in 2022, according to the Easy Wedding industry survey.

Album with wedding photos: a photobook including the best moments from your wedding photographs. Following your wedding, your wedding photographer will collaborate with you to select your favourite wedding images and create the album.

Basic/half day wedding photography package: For those on a tight budget, a half-day, six-hour wedding photography package offers simple but adequate coverage. The wedding photography session would begin during the wedding ceremony and would end approximately after the first dance of the newlyweds. The morning preparations for the bride and groom would somehow be missed.

Black & white wedding photography: To give the wedding images a more classic and timeless look, they will either be shot in monochromatic mode or post-processed in that mode.

Bokeh: a type of photographic effect where the camera lens creates an eye-pleasing blur in the out-of-focus areas. Wedding images might feature a beautiful, romantic bokeh effect.


Budget wedding photographer: A reasonable wedding photographer considers their clients. He would go over the couple’s options for vendors and participate in the wedding preparations.

Candid wedding photography style/ Natural wedding photography Style: The candid wedding photography, sometimes referred to as documentary styled wedding photography, focuses on capturing the genuine, unposed moments on the wedding day. A candid wedding photographer would refrain from giving the couple too many instructions while taking pictures.

Colour temperature: colour of the lighting light. Simply put, the appearance of the wedding photographs. Warmer images will appear yellowish, while colder images will appear blue.

Creative wedding photography style: inventive positions or props may be used in wedding photography. Examples include silhouette and smoke bomb wedding pictures.

Deposit: a little fee should be given to the wedding photographer to reserve your wedding date.

Documentary wedding photography style/ Reportage Wedding photography style: a style of wedding photography that seeks to portray the event in a genuine and natural way. The wedding photographer concentrates on capturing the bride and groom’s genuine feelings and interactions without giving them too many instructions.

Editorial wedding photography style: Based on fashion photography, editorial wedding photography highlights the wedding of the couple as well as their personality through expressive compositions and dramatic lighting.


Elopement wedding photography style: Elopement weddings often include a couple escaping and being married quickly and covertly. Typically, only a celebrant, a witness, and a wedding photographer accompany them.

Engagement wedding photography: Oftentimes, a photographic session is scheduled in advance of the wedding day to capture the couple’s delight and enthusiasm before their marriage. This is known as an engagement session.

Family photo list: The shot lists are listed with the names of your family members. You and the wedding photographer may rapidly arrange individuals and gain more time for the wedding photo locations with the aid of the family photo list.

Fine art prints & Enlargements: beautiful prints produced by high-resolution printers using acid-free fine papers and premium archival inks. The fine art prints are in high demand among artists and wedding photographers since they are thought to be among the best displays for wedding photography.

Fine art wedding photography style: a kind of wedding photography in which the photographer uses creative photos to tell the couple’s love story. It uses artistic composition and dramatic lighting to capture the couples, much like editorial wedding photography.

First look wedding photos: Prior to the wedding ceremony, the wedding photographer photographs the couple’s first private moment together. During the initial glance, the photographer will be able to record their happiness, tears, and other feelings.

Full day wedding photography package: The full day plan often covers coverage for 10 to 12 hours and will essentially cover all of the bride and groom’s wedding day events, from getting ready to the reception.


JPEG: the photo format that is most frequently used. The wedding photographer will send you all the gorgeous pictures in JPEG format after processing your wedding photos.

Lens flare: a result of light reflections entering the camera lens, which gives pictures a romantic and dreamy appearance.

Location photos: After the wedding ceremony and before the reception, the couple and their bridal party are photographed for their wedding. The couple has a variety of gorgeous backdrops for wedding photography sites to pick from.

Modern (contemporary) wedding photography: Apart from the group images and reportage photos, the photographer’s artistic portraits of the bride and husband. Modern wedding photography will be taken from a more distinctive, imaginative perspective.

Photography permit: In order to take wedding photos inside several well-known wedding photo settings, such as the Victoria Barrack and the Royal Botanical Gardens, you need to obtain a photography permit.

Pre-wedding consultation: a meeting between the bride and groom and their wedding photographer that is typically scheduled one month before the wedding. They can discuss their wedding day schedule, photo locations, and other issues that will allow the wedding photographer have more control on the big day during the meeting.

Rustic wedding photography style: The rustic wedding photography style is ideal for couples getting married in rural or non-urban settings. The photography should emphasise a natural feel and vintage simplicity.


Sparkler exit/sparkler wedding photos: Photographs taken at weddings show the couples leaving the reception as the guests holding sparklers illuminate their way. This kind of wedding photography has a romantic atmosphere and works well as the front or last page of the book.

Sunset wedding photography: Since the lighting conditions during the twilight hour are the best of the entire wedding day, couples may decide to take a brief break from the reception to undertake a sunset photo session.

Traditional wedding photography: The wedding photographer will frequently try to produce wedding images that are highly rigid, set, and traditional in appearance, which typically entails more posing. Every subject will imitate the wedding photographer and smile broadly.

Unplugged wedding: when the couples ask guests to turn off their phones and cameras during the ceremony or other time. This stops any interruptions to the wedding ceremony.

Vintage style wedding photography: Vintage wedding photography is elegant and romantic, perfect for a couple getting married in a historic location.

Wedding portrait photo: uses appropriate lighting, backdrops, and positions to capture the characteristics of the bride and groom.

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