How To Become A Wedding Photographer in Melbourne Australia? The Ultimate Guide

Do you have a strong desire to photograph Melbourne Weddings? Why not turn your vision into a lucrative business? It is not as difficult as it may appear to become a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer. The fundamentals of being a photographer have never been easier to learn. With the stroke of a mouse, you can compare and buy cameras and lenses, learn photography from a variety of online photography courses, enhance your photography abilities by entering photo contests, and get clients by posting your work on your website and social media. All you have to do now is choose a market to concentrate on.

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However, while it may appear to be simple, it is not. To make a name for yourself as a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer, you’ll need talent, skill, marketing knowledge, and discipline. Professional photographers must be both talented and persistent in order to succeed. Most of the time, you’ll have to run your firm as an auto-entrepreneur, and you’ll be up against stiff competition owing to a supply-demand imbalance.

Depending on your talent, skills, portfolio, and business savvy, you may certainly make a living as a Melbourne Wedding photographer. However, you should be certain that your desire to become a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer is motivated by your enthusiasm and love for photography. Once you’ve figured out what motivates you and decided to pursue Melbourne Wedding photography as a career, the next step is to figure out how to become a professional photographer.




If you can strike the appropriate mix between your creative enthusiasm and your entrepreneurial sensibility, professional Melbourne Wedding photography might be a terrific career decision. Make a list of questions you need to answer for yourself before you start your Melbourne Wedding photography profession, just like you would for a business. • What inspires me? • Am I willing to start small and work on my own? • Can I work as a professional photographer on my own? • What opportunities do I have in my region that I can fill? • What can I do to improve my abilities? • What kind of value could I provide to my customers?



The majority of your queries will be answered through research, both online and offline. Attend conferences, exhibitions, and Melbourne Wedding and photography shows. At these events, you’ll meet a lot of photographers and Melbourne Wedding specialists, and you’ll be able to ask them a lot of questions. There are a variety of online photography communities in which you can participate. Some of the answers you seek will come from education, while others will only emerge with time and experience.


To assess the competition, conduct some market research and analyse how professional photographers in your area work. Take a keen interest in the local market as well as global trends in Melbourne Wedding photography.

Look for possibilities that you can take advantage of. If no Melbourne Wedding photographer in your area, for example, offers Melbourne Wedding videography, include it in your packages. When you collaborate with a videographer, you may provide a broader range of services.

Make a strong case for yourself by emphasising your benefits over your competitors.

You should also learn about the most popular Melbourne Wedding photography genres and techniques in your area. There may already be a slew of “moody” Melbourne Wedding photographers available. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of doing something similar; simply improve the quality of your work and build your own style.

Your brand image will become more evident to the general public as a result of specialisation. This way, you’ll have a lot higher chance of attracting the correct customers! Make sure to look into the prices offered by local Melbourne Wedding photographers for various packages. Calculate average market pricing using this data. It will come in handy when creating your own fee structure.



To be seen as a serious and experienced organisation by your potential consumers, you must cultivate a professional image. As an image professional, you must be active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) and have a website where you may showcase your work.

In all parts of their work, a Melbourne Wedding photographer should be professional. The relationship between the photographer and the client is crucial. The key to success is managing your customer relationships. Make sure you understand what people expect of you and can describe the range of services you provide.

Beginner Melbourne Wedding photographers frequently overlook the importance of having a written contract. Customers will perceive you as unprofessional and amateurish as a result of this. Make a detailed estimate and contract for all of your services.


Network with other professional Melbourne Wedding photographers if you are a newbie photographer. Look for internships or job openings as an intern or assistant to obtain hands-on experience that no school or training can provide.

The objective is to get experience as a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer so that you can put your training into practise. Focus on understanding how a photography business operates, how to deal with clients, and establishing your portfolio throughout your internship.


The most important tool in your arsenal for being a great Melbourne Wedding photographer is your photographic portfolio. Because all potential clients will rate your skills and talent based on those photographs, having an attractive photo portfolio will pave the road for success. Choose the best photographs that represent your style as well as all of your Melbourne Wedding photography services. A excellent portfolio should be able to entice new clients right away.

When you first start, feel free to do a free or low-cost Melbourne Wedding for a client. If you believe this can help you build or improve your portfolio, go for it! But take care not to undervalue your work! You have to start someplace, and you don’t want to break the market. Later in the article, I’ll return to this topic.



Melbourne Wedding photography is one of the few professions where no formal training is required. You don’t need a degree to self-learn, practise, and develop your talents.

However, as a Melbourne Wedding photographer, training or a degree can bring a lot of value to your business, talents, and expertise. Many professional photographers have studied photography at colleges, universities, and institutes. A photographer needs have a keen eye, imagination, and technical ability in addition to a formal education to develop their skills.

Make an informed decision among the several photography courses available. There are a variety of photography courses available, ranging from online programmes through bachelor’s degree programmes: • Photography degree programmes can be finished in a matter of months. They assist students in developing important photographic skills and information. 

These programmes address the fundamentals of: – Photography Fundamentals. – Digital photography fundamentals, including how to use photography software and picture processing techniques. – Photographic history and the origins of film photography. • A variety of colleges offer BTS photography diplomas.The degree normally takes two years to complete. 

The technical nature of the programme allows students to understand numerous forms of photography and use diverse techniques, such as transparency and film negatives, as well as working in natural settings. In a studio setting, students also learn photographic techniques. • A bachelor’s degree in photography is often a three-year course of study in a photographic school. In-depth study and support courses are part of the curriculum. 


It entails a study of photography’s fundamentals, digital and film photography, as well as stories, history, and techniques. • If you’re already working full-time, online photography classes are a terrific method to learn. You can choose from a variety of online photography courses that will teach you the fundamentals. You can improve your skills by taking these courses in your leisure time. 

Weekend photography workshops can also help you construct your portfolio, which will serve as a foundation for your professional photography career.However, the bulk of its training and certificates take a broad approach to photography, require time, are costly, and do not address, or address just a small portion of, Melbourne Wedding photography.There are few possibilities for Melbourne Wedding photography training. You can learn from blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos, or you can take specialised online training, participate in an internship or workshop with a colleague.

I created a personalised training to answer all of your questions about “how to become a Melbourne Wedding photographer?” after many members of the community of the group ” Melbourne Wedding Photographer – Mutual assistance to develop his business ” requested it and photographers found my contract examples and blog articles useful.

This one-on-one instruction is for amateur photographers seeking professional retraining or freelance photographers looking to expand their business. It’s all about assisting you in putting your business on the best possible basis while maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset.


In this Melbourne Wedding photographer training, I will not teach the basics of photography, but I will explain how to increase your turnover by having more free time, how to have customers continuously without canvassing, my sales and communication techniques from the first exchanges, and the progress of the Melbourne Wedding day preparation until the customer’s delivery. It’s a collection of solutions and tips collected over a number of years. The training is adaptable and completely individualised, with the ability to ask any question and receive a comprehensive response.


Your experience as an assistant earned during a training or internship will assist you in learning the art and practise of Melbourne Wedding photography and will give you a better understanding of the type of photographer you want to be. Now is the moment to start developing your personal style and identifying your area of expertise. Is there anything in particular that you enjoy photographing? Do you have a favourite speciality? Color or black and white? Is it better to study in France or abroad?

Trust your intuition and follow your heart. This will assist you in developing a distinctive style. Using certain equipment, a specific subject, the lighting arrangement, and the editing process may all contribute establish a photographer’s style.

Recognize the work that goes into the Melbourne Wedding industry. Read Melbourne Wedding-related blogs, do some research, get some ideas, and let your imagination go wild.


To get started as a professional photographer, invest on a good camera. Buying used equipment or slightly older camera or lens versions is usually a good place to start. To become a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer, you don’t need the latest Canon, Sony, or Nikon camera. People still spend a lot of money on lenses; choose your lenses wisely so that they can serve you in a variety of settings. Also, make sure you have the necessary post-production hardware and software. A calibrated monitor, a powerful computer, and software are all required.

Renting pricey cameras and lenses that you don’t use on a regular basis is also an option. However, as a professional photographer, you don’t want to mess up your equipment in front of your clients. Before your photo shoot, make sure you know how to utilise it. Lightroom and Photoshop are the editing tools of choice for professional photographers when it comes to post-production. Adobe software is moderately priced, with options for monthly or annual subscriptions.

 Lightroom makes it easy to edit photos and get outstanding results quickly. Advanced techniques including as masking layers, lens distortion correction, and transform tools are available in Adobe software (to name a few). These tools will assist you in taking your image editing skills to the next level.



Creating a website is essential for increasing internet presence, connecting with consumers, and displaying your work. To attract the ideal clients, your branding and content should match the type of service you do. Your Melbourne Wedding photography website serves as a portal to the rest of the globe, allowing you to reach out to new clients and expand your network beyond your local area. Make sure the platform you chose provides you with the flexibility, functionality, and ease of use you require to build a professional website.

Keep in mind, though, that you are designing your website for your customers, not for yourself. Make sure your website is search engine friendly. When someone types “Melbourne Wedding photographer + your city” into Google, your website should come up top. This is known as SEO (search engine optimisation) (Search Engine Optimization).

To exhibit their work and portfolio, many Melbourne Wedding photographers prefer to develop their own website. This can be handy if the goal is to have a simple showcase webpage for the possible consumers you approach. However, if you want to attract customers to your website in a long-term manner, you must take it seriously.

Your company’s backbone is your website. On the first page of Google results, 92 percent of brides and grooms will choose their Melbourne Wedding photographer. The first three results will be visited by 75% of people. Do you appear in the first three search results in your city?

If you want to keep getting consumers, you’ll need to invest in a good, SEO-optimized website. My website generates 95% of my business, with the remaining 5% coming from referrals from previous clients. Contact my Web agency if you want to entrust the creation of your website to a professional or if you want a free SEO analysis.



Find out how much the best Melbourne Wedding photographers in your region charge. Take a look at their resume and experience. Be adaptable and have a reasonable price range, both for the market and for your clients. There will always be photographers willing to give you a good deal. However, they degrade future clients’ perceptions of their work’s quality. A low price can harm your reputation because it is associated with a lack of experience or professionalism. Imagine:

You make an appointment with a jeweller. He presents you with two similar diamond Melbourne Wedding rings. One is $150, while the other is $3000. What would you think if you didn’t know anything about diamonds? The $150 Melbourne Wedding ring is of lower quality, whereas the $3000 ring is a genuine diamond. If you don’t have enough money, you could save up and buy the most costly ring, which is more valuable to you and the one your future wife/husband truly deserves. 

In terms of appearance, though, it’s the same thing! The price difference causes a cognitive bias, leading you to feel that the more costly option is always superior. Customers who visit your website are in the same boat. They most likely have little experience in photography, but they do have a budget in mind. They will instantly assume you are a “good” photographer they can trust if your fees are high! Your pricing structure will reflect the types of clients who hire you. You’re targeting big-budget Melbourne Weddings if your price list starts at $4500. However, if your price list is around $750, you’re indicating that you’re catering to Melbourne Weddings on a tighter budget.

All you have to do now is figure out what kind of clientele you want to work with and who your potential clients are.


Above all, make sure you account for all of your professional fees (Professional Civil Liability, URSAFF, and so on) when determining your hourly rate and minimum selling price for your Melbourne Wedding services. Consider how many hours you’ll be working on a Melbourne Wedding. 

Here’s a “basic” example of how to calculate the hourly cost for an 8-hour Melbourne Wedding on site, without going into too much detail: • Post-production: double or even triple the time spent on location (when you first start) to get the time spent in post-production. This covers file transfers, photo selection, and editing. There are 24 hours here (3x8h). • Round-trip transportation to the Melbourne Wedding venue (2h) • Pre-Melbourne Wedding meeting: meeting duration + round journey to meeting location (2h) • E-mail and phone communication before and after the Melbourne Wedding (2h) • Accounting: contract, invoice, and quote drafting (2h)


Once your website is up and running, you must devote time to marketing and promoting your Melbourne Wedding photography business.

You can attend Melbourne Wedding fairs, get active on social media, and build contacts with local Melbourne Wedding professionals such as Melbourne Wedding planners, hairdressers, caterers, and reception halls.

The bride and groom want to work with a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer they can trust and who understands what he’s doing. The key to success is managing your customer relationships. Setting the correct expectations, having a contract in place that clearly specifies the service and deliverables, and, of course, meeting those expectations are all important.

Ascertain that it is a win-win situation for both sides. When it comes to client management, having the correct tools can be really beneficial. Pixieset’s customer galleries, for example, can be used to share, verify, sell, and send your images to consumers.



Your first priority going forwards should be to expand your Melbourne Wedding photography business. All of your decisions will have an impact on your success, including the type of work you do, the clientele you work with, your prices, and your speciality.

Make sure you’re consistently and steadily expanding your business, meeting new people, seizing opportunities, and not neglecting your existing customers. They are the ones who will tell their relatives, friends, and family about you. Have you forgotten about the 150 guests that attended your last Melbourne Wedding? These are all potential consumers who can spread the word about you to their friends and family!

Maintain your enthusiasm for photography and endeavour to do your best at all times. You will be able to distinguish yourself from your competition as a result of this. As a professional Melbourne Wedding photographer, it’s a definite recipe for long-term success.

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