Melbourne Wedding Photography Marketing Research 2022

2022 Melbourne Wedding Photography Marketing Research

It’s always fascinating to learn more about your field, how you compare to others, the average wage, best practices, and so on. This is how I approach wedding photography in Melbourne. I wanted to improve my skills and gain a better understanding of the wedding photography in Melbourne market in general.


However, I came up with almost no answers to the questions I was pondering. In the United Kingdom and the United States, I found research on the profession of the photographer in general, as well as studies on wedding photography sector, but nothing in Australia. There are some data, and I was able to draw some conclusions based on my research into the wedding industry in general, but nothing particular, and especially nothing from the photographers themselves. As a result, I decided to conduct research into the field of wedding photography in Melbourne. 

The data used in this study is from the year 2021. To do so, I polled professional photographers to see what they wanted to know about their own field, which allowed me to create a list of questions.So, for this piece, I spent some time contacting wedding photographers and analysing the outcomes. This research is far from complete; we could certainly add more questions, rephrase some, or eliminate others. We may also point to the fact that “only” 190 professional photographers replied to the survey, implying that the results aren’t as representative as those from a bigger study. I do hope, though, that you are able to find some answers to your questions.


Please let me know if you have any questions, recommendations, or improvements for future iterations of this study in the comments section; I’d love to hear from you.

Similarly, if you found this study useful or fascinating, I encourage you to share it with others and welcome other wedding photographers to contribute to the next survey, which will be conducted in 2020, in order to refine the data on this specialisation. In 2020, the global Covid-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on the wedding business; it will be interesting to observe how these figures change next year.

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Who am I, exactly? I’m Evan, a Melbourne-based wedding photographer. As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I am available for hire. I produce articles in order to assist wedding photographers in expanding their businesses.

Only 87.36 percent of wedding photographers work for them. Only 12.64 percent work with a partner or assistant.

11.58 percent of photographers provide video services, 11.05 percent work with a videographer, and 7.89 percent plan to do so in the future.


Equipment was the most expensive item for 53.68 percent of wedding photographers in 2021. Marketing and advertising accounted for 19.47 percent of the total. Travel, website, and training/workshop costs trail far behind.Canon (47.37 percent) and Nikon (34.74 percent) are the most popular brands among wedding photographers.

The majority of photographers deliver between 300 and 500 images to the bride and groom for an 8-hour wedding, with 31.58 percent delivering between 300 and 500 photos. For 28.85 percent of photographers, this was followed by the delivery of 500 to 750 photos.

89.47% of wedding photographers provide a password-protected web gallery for their work. They use a private gallery on a specialised platform 61.58 percent of the time, and 25.26 percent have a gallery on their website.

When it comes to wedding albums and prints, 40% of wedding photographers use a third-party site. 28.95 percent make it themselves, whereas 26.32 percent use their private gallery’s printing platform. Only 4.74 percent of photographers don’t have albums or prints available.

My point of view


I never say how many images I’ll give because it depends on so many things. The length of time spent present, the amount of “important moments,” and so on. However, after you get above 600 photos, it becomes a lot of effort for me. I’m in the numbers because I deliver between 400 and 600 photographs on average.

Only 37.89 percent of wedding photographers photograph more than ten weddings each year. Because 87.41 percent of marriages take place within a 100-kilometer radius of the respondent’s home, respondents rarely go far from home. As a result, we can determine that the bride and groom prefer a photographer who is close to their wedding destination.

My point of view

I believe the figures are accurate.There are both high and cheap prices to be found. Because it is vital to be able to serve different types of consumers, it is quite common to discover a wide range of rates for wedding services.

Each specialist must understand who he is dealing with and set his charges accordingly.

I work in a partnership with my partner, and we’ve decided to charge by the hour.

We don’t have a flat pricing because we charge based on the amount of time you spend with us.

It’s not surprising that 91.58 percent of photographers have a website. On the other hand, 77.36 percent of respondents built their website without the assistance of a professional or a web agency.

In this regard, 51.93 percent use WordPress, the most popular website-building software.

In terms of prices, 41.44 percent of respondents chose not to disclose their prices for their services. As a result, 58.56 percent of the photographers polled either publish their pricing or mention them as “from.”

My point of view


I’m going to pause here for a bit because one of those figures surprises me.Indeed, 77.36% of the photographers polled indicated they had built their own website. Knowing that my own website is the backbone of my business, bringing in 95% of my revenue, I want it to be flawless and easy to locate for my customers.

Why not commit the development of one of your main axis to a skilled professional?

For me, hiring a professional to build a website or taking classes to understand how to build an SEO- optimised website is crucial.

To put it another way, entrusting your wedding photos to an inexperienced photographer is the same!

Consider this: if you only get a few clients via your website, you might want to hire an expert or obtain some training in the sector.

Only 14.21% of the photographers who answered to the survey had contact with more than 5 potential clients. Between 5 and 20 contacts were made by 37.89 percent of people. For the year 2021, 52.10 percent of photographers had between one and twenty contacts.

For 40.53 percent of respondents, word of mouth is the most important source of new clients, followed by the website for 23.16 percent. For 63.69 percent of photographers, these two outlets alone bring in the majority of their clients. Only 11.58 percent said social media (Facebook/Instagram) is where they get the majority of their consumers. The majority of their clientele come through paid sites, which account for 11.05 percent of Melbourne wedding photographers.

My point of view

For my part, 95% of my customers come from my website, with the other 5% coming from word of mouth. These figures resonate with me completely.

I get between 5 and 10 requests each month on average, for a total of roughly 90 requests per year.

The rate of gaining clients via social networks is one of the study’s findings that has caught my interest.

Many photographers, I believe, rely excesively on social media, when in reality, it brings in relatively few customers.

This comes as no surprise to me.


When seeking for a product or service, the Internet has become the most popular search engine. So I don’t use social media while I’m looking for a restaurant or a dentist. I ask my family whether they know of a good dentist or a nice address that they can recommend, or I look directly on search engines rather than on Facebook or Instagram in the majority of cases. For my money, social media is far too overrated for finding clients.

When it comes to advertising, social networks are popular: Facebook has 32.26 percent and Instagram has 25.22 percent. Only 5.28 percent of photographers utilise specialist directories such as Mariage.net, while Google Ads is in third place with 12.90 percent.

On Mariage.net, 50.4 percent of photographers are registered in paid directories. However, because the site allows for free registration, this information should be regarded with a grain of salt. According to the data, just 5.28 percent of the photographers who responded use the commercial edition of this platform.

My point of view

As we’ve seen, social media is just the primary source of clients for 11.58 percent of photographers. However, we note that 57.48% of wedding photographers use social media to promote their services (Instagram and Facebook).I don’t doubt that social media can help you gain more clients, but given the facts, is it wise to spend money on advertising? Please provide your thoughts in the comments section.