Starting costs for wedding photography packages in Victoria are available on 50% of all wedding photographer websites in the state. Starting packages in Melbourne start at $300 for one hour of coverage of the wedding ceremony. The most costly beginning price for a wedding photography package presently listed in VIC is $10,000, which includes professional picture style exclusive to that source.


Wedding Photographer Prices in Melbourne
52 percent of Melbourne wedding photographers provide some level of detail about package costs and/or contents online. However, the majority of these photographers only post a beginning price, and buyers can obtain a comprehensive list of package costs online from only 19% of the VIC wedding photography business.



Starting Prices for Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Packages Under $1,000: Wedding photography in Melbourne starts at $300, which includes one hour of coverage. Only 14% of the market offers wedding photography for less than $1,000, and the majority of packages in this price range (57%) begin at the top end of $900 or more. A comprehensive list of packages and pricing from 65 percent of wedding photographers in this price range is accessible online.

The majority of coverage given with these entry-level packages is 4 hours or fewer, geared at modest mid-week weddings or elopements. One photographer in this price bracket is presently offering ‘full day coverage’ for $990, while the next largest package is 6 hours coverage for $950 from a newcomer to the sector.

Packages for Wedding Photography $1,000 – $1,999: 39 percent of wedding photographers in VIC that disclose beginning rates on their websites offer starting packages in this price range. Seventy percent of those are priced at or over $1,500. The entire list of packages, including price data, is provided on 48 percent of wedding photography websites in this category, while the remaining 6 percent post descriptions of packages without pricing information.

The coverage given by packages in this pricing category ranges from 2 hours to 11 hours of wedding photography. The most frequent feature is 6 hours of coverage, which is provided by around 30% of photographers. The next most popular addition is four hours of coverage. We discovered three photographers who provide wedding albums with beginning packages in this price range; however, customers should be aware that the quality and size of picture books and wedding albums vary significantly, and full-sized albums are not easily available in this price range.

Wedding Photography Packages $2,000 – $2,999: About 31% of Melbourne wedding photographers offer starting packages between $2,000 and $2,999. The price range for wedding packages in this category is very equal, with an average of $2,438. In this market category, the proportion of photographers that publish a comprehensive set of wedding packages including pricing falls to 29 percent.

Again, the most popular item in these packages is six hours of wedding photography Melbourne, closely followed by eight hours. The whole range is from $2,500 for 3 hours of coverage to $2,800 for 12 hours of coverage. The most expensive package in this price category is provided by two wedding photographers, who each charge $2,995 for 6 hours of coverage and no album. The two albums-included bundles we identified in this price range were both at the lower end of the pricing range, and the brand and size of these albums were not mentioned.


Packages for Wedding Photography Wedding photographers in Victoria, Australia that provide a starting package in this price range account for 10% of all photographers in the state who post a starting pricing on their website. A quarter of these wedding photographers make their whole range of packages and prices available to customers online. A beginning package in this price range typically costs $3,408 and includes 9 hours of wedding photography coverage.

The coverage given in these wedding packages ranges from 5 hours for $3,000 to 12 hours or ‘whole day coverage.’ Albums were included in 19% of these wedding packages, and extra items like as second photographers and engagement sessions were also more frequently seen.

Wedding Photography Packages $4,000+: At the top of the market, the top 6% of wedding photographers have starting packages that begin at $4,000. Australia’s greatest wedding photographers fall into this broad category, which includes those who have been named to top ten lists of the world’s best wedding photographers.

The majority of photographers at the upper end of this pricing range do not disclose their prices on their website. However, around 30% of photographers give a comprehensive list of packages and pricing, the majority of which are between $4,000 and $5,000. The highest reported starting price for a wedding photography package in VIC is $10,000, which includes one-of-a-kind artwork specific to that photographer’s speciality.


All of the wedding photography rates listed in this study include high definition photos delivered to customers on CDs or USB drives. All of the material in this post is based on the beginning rates stated on the website of VIC wedding photographers. It should also be noted that we have utilised beginning costs for Saturday weddings during the typical wedding season whenever possible.

During the research for this post, pricing information for wedding photography packages lasting 6 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours was also gathered. These information will be shared on our Facebook page as part of a nationwide study on wedding photography pricing.