Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destination in Australia

Australia is considered to be one of the most popular places all around the world in terms of honeymoon destinations. The newlyweds, love-struckcouples can soak in the beauty of Australia through its landscapes, warm and luxury hospitality. Other than that you can also find places in Australia that are famous for wedding photography like for example wedding photography in Melbourne. In this particular article let us look into the 10 best honeymoon destinations in Australia.

10 best honeymoon destination in Australia-

  1. The Whitsundays: The Whitsundays is one of the best places to enjoy your honeymoon. This place is as especially a treat for beach buffs. Honeymooners who love romantic beaches need to look no further.
  1. Melbourne:Melbourne is known as the city that flaunts its skyline. Honeymooners who love watching movies under the stars or having great food on top of a boat need to look no further. In Melbourne,there are even private wine tasting tours for couples. If instead of your honeymoon you are planning your wedding in Melbourne then you can hire one of the Wedding Photographer Melbourne. You can also check the wedding photography package in Melbourne for further details.
  1. Queensland: Queensland is the place to be if you are two people who are in love. This place is ideal for honeymooners due to its’ peaceful rainforests including the crimson hues of the coast during dusk. This makes the atmosphere intensely romantic.
  1. New South Wales:Honeymooners who are adventure freaks and who love hiking should definitely have their special time in New South Wales. There are certain unexplored trails found on the southern highlands which couples who love exploration can check out.
  1. Tasmania: Honeymooners who do love wildlife should definitely visit Tasmania for their honeymoon. Couples looking for a serene gateway in the laps of Mother Nature should definitely have their holiday destination for the honeymoon in Tasmania.
  1. The Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best places for honeymooning because the entire islands are available at your expense. Honeymooners can take romantic walks along the island and may also relax on the sandy beaches. Couples can enjoy various water activities that include snorkellingwhich means to witness the magnificence and beauty of marine life.
  1. Kangaroo Island: Honeymooners who would like to witness the pristine turquoise waters and the white sand beaches need to make sure to visit the kangaroo island. It is extremely romantic to stay in an idyllic cottage, visit rich history and also be amazed atthe wildlife surrounding you.
  1. Kimberly: The reason for honeymooners to visit Kimberley is due to the pristine plateaus. It is known to offer astounding quiet honeymoon. Couples can tour the national parks to see diversified wildlife. They cycle their way through their valleys and even enjoy outdoor dinners.
  1. Victoria:The reason for honeymooners to visit Victoria would be due to its tropical climate, camping, aquatic experiences and the luxury resorts.
  1. Perth:Honeymooners can explore the Bohemian northbridge. They can also relax in the famous King’s park. Couples can have the best view of the city’s skyline and also be fascinated with the museums and monuments.

Thus from the above discussion,we know for a fact that Australia is the place to be for honeymooners all around the world.