Top 10 wedding venues for your big day

Speaking about Australia one of the best cities to have your wedding would probably be Melbourne. Melbourne amongst a lot of things is also famous for destination weddings. There are a large variety of wedding venues that are available in Melbourne. People can choose according to their budget and taste. Take for example a person has the chance to choose a traditional historic house or even a rustic warehouse as their Venue. They can also choose a relaxed beach in comparison to a sleek modern venue.  Melbourne is known to have it all. In this particular article, we will be discussing the top 10 most popular wedding venues that can be found in Melbourne. Talk to our wedding photographer melbourne for more info

Top 10 wedding venues- The most popular wedding venues in Melbourne include:

  1. Crown Melbourne: Crown Melbourne is one of the most popular and easiest choices for a wedding venue. It has an impressive count of 298 five star ratings by customers. The venue is known to offer couples with an exquisite array of personalised packages and venues to choose from. If you are to select this place for your wedding venue then you can also check out the wedding photography package
  1. Port Melbourne Yacht Club-Brighton: Brighton is known to provide the couples with breathtakingviews of the Port Phillip Bay. The location is perfect for a beachside To capture your beautiful beach wedding moments you can also hire a wedding photographer inMelbourne.
  1. Brighton Savoy: Brighton Savoy is known to offer the quintessential beach wedding for your special day. It has various ceremony locations to choose from including flexible packages.


  1. Leonda by The Yarra:The weddings out here are as unique as possible. Their idea of a wedding is turning your perfect perception into a complete reality. You can host a lavish reception for around 400 guests and also have intimate dinner for around 70.
  1. Tatra Receptions:This venue is situated on 10 acres of magnificent gardens. The place is known to provide ample parking and easy car access. It also allows its guests to use various facilities including its Gazebo and chapel.
  1. Quat Quatta:The Quat Quatta is the stunning Victorian mansion. It is known for its elegance and warmth throughout history. It provides a wonderful mix of romance and old world charm in its architecture and contemporary ambiance.


  1. Ascot House Receptions: This is another elegant Victorian mansion which is situated on 2 acres of beautiful garden. It is famous for its homely charms along with the modern facilities it provides.
  1. Mansion Hotel and Spa at Werribee Park:This venue is set upon 10 acres of Parklands. It is a palladium inspired mansion hotel cum spa. It is known to offer breathtakingbackdrops for any wedding.
  1. Ballara Receptions: This particular venue is set upon 3 acres of English gardens. It is has a weeping willow, a lakeand even a family of ducks. It is one of the elegant wedding venues in the Melbourne city.
  1. Andrews Conservatory:This venue is considered to be the jewel of Melbourne’s iconic pump house. This particular venue is a favouriteamongst many Melbourne couples. The venue is known for its distinctive glass roof along with its natural light.

Thus from the above discussion,we get a clear idea about the top 10 wedding venues in the Melbourne city.