How much does a Melbourne wedding photographer cost?

In 2020, for a two-hour wedding event photoshoot in Melbourne, the average cost you can expect to pay the wedding photographer is approximately $1,219. On average a one-hour wedding shoot will certainly set you back $762 and also a four-hour shoot will certainly set you back $2,134. Melbourne’s wedding event photographer costs are 2% above the AU nationwide standard. Similar average prices relates to shoots in the complying with groups: wedding celebration, bridal


What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

Despite where you depend on things like late-night function snacks or lavish floral centrepieces, the majority of to-be-weds can concur: gorgeous wedding images are a must. While the average wedding event professional photographer expense is frequently on the greater side, it’s one expense couples do not normally miss. Naturally, just how you divvy up your wedding budget relies on which facets of your celebration (and also consequently which vendors) are crucial to you. But because you probably intend to relive your wedding event memories for many years ahead, discovering an excellent wedding photographer is an important job. Wedding celebration photography costs differ by vendor and solutions provided, so it’s up to you to discover a pro that fits your specific needs. But if you’re seeking to get a general sense of just how much a wedding photographer costs, we have the answer. Read on to discover what real couples spend on wedding event photography today.

Long after the pledges have been claimed as well as the reception hall has been tidied up, your wedding photos tell the tale of your big day and catch the unique moments you treasure. Locating the excellent wedding event photographer might appear frustrating, but once you recognise the basics of cost and contracts, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

In this overview, we’ll break down just how you can work with a specialist wedding photographer Melbourne who has an aesthetic you love, a personality you like– and a price you can afford.

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The typical price of a wedding photographer in Australia

The cost of a wedding photographer in Australia has actually increased by 8% over the past year, averaging $3,211.

This, certainly, considers the expenses throughout all states as well as areas, as well as pairs employing professional wedding photographers in contrast to having a good friend or relative take their images for them. Wedding photography is just one of one of the most important points when it comes to the big day, with 91% of couples working with a professional for their day. By comparison, a simple 7% have an amateur take their images. Just 2% choose not to have photos at all!

New South Wales

The whole expense of a wedding in New South Wales comes in above standard, and the professional photographer is no exception to this guideline. A wedding photographer in NSW will certainly cost you a little bit much more, coming in at around $3,896. This is because of a rise in luxury weddings in NSW, along with the demand for specialist wedding photographers in the state.


Couples in Victoria are going to be spending just below the average expense on their professional wedding photographer Melbourne, can be found in at $3,080. This is excellent information for couples in the state as most weddings in Victoria can be fairly costly– especially as pairs like to spend more cash on other solutions, such as food catering.


Queensland has just seen a little increase in costs for a photographer, coming in at approximately $2,672. Compared to NSW as well as Victoria, sets you back for a wedding photographer in this state can be found in well under the average for the country.

South Australia

For a wedding photographer situated in South Australia, pairs can expect to spend an average of $2,741. Likes Queensland, this comes in under the national standard and is in line with South Australian wedding celebrations coming in at somewhat less than wedding events on the eastern coast.

Western Australia

Wedding celebrations on the west shore additionally come in at a reduced price than those on the east, and also photographers are no exemption to the guideline. If you’re trying to find a wedding event professional photographer in Western Australia, you need to be paying an average of $2,893.

Australian Capital Territory

While most states have increased just slightly, it’s an only ACT that has seen the most significant increase in the expense of wedding photographers, even covering the national average. Pairs wanting to record their really own Cinderella moment on the steps of Australia’s parliament can anticipate to pay around $3,292.


Tasmania has some incredible landscapes for your wedding celebration photos, and also pairs living in the state will be pleased to recognise that the price for a photographer has actually dropped from in 2015! Anticipate to pay around $1,838, yet prices will vary when it involves the skillset of your choose wedding photographer.

Northern Territory

The overall price of a wedding celebration in the Northern Territory also can be found in under the nationwide average, with photographers can be found in simply under the national photography cost. While there are fewer wedding events up north, couples can still locate a fantastic wedding photographer in the area. You ought to be expecting to pay around $2,850.


How much should wedding photography cost?

If you have checked out wedding photography rates, you are potentially conscious now of how expensive wedding photography can be. It’s a figure that appears to have actually stayed nearly consistent for the last five years.

With a wedding professional photographer remaining in the top three things to prioritise for a wedding, many websites will suggest that you ought to set aside 10-15% of your allocate a wedding celebration photographer.

10-15% of your budget, now that is a lot of cash. It is especially a great deal of cash if you are on a tight budget plan, to begin with.

What is it though that drives the expense of a wedding photographer? This was an inquiry that I asked myself when I saw a question from a brand-new wedding photographer requesting guidance on prices.

Is weddin photography actually costly?

So let me get this straight from the start. This post is not mosting likely to do me any favours making buddies with various other wedding event professional photographers. It’s also not a short article to justify the price of wedding event photography or recommend that wedding photographers are charging too much for their services. I do wish though that for some it may help them think about their prices and also the bundles that they supply, particularly some of the newcomers.

As a wedding event photographer myself, I do comprehend the high price of wedding photography somewhat. There is a lot of job involved, and also it’s not simply a situation of turning up and taking a couple of breaks on a fancy cam.

For numerous wedding event professional photographers, you would be taking a look at in between 30-40 hrs of benefit each wedding. The work starts prior to the wedding event as well with planning, admin and also travel. After that after the wedding event, there is still a great deal to do with modifying your wedding event pictures and also generating a gallery. If you have actually selected a package with prints, they will certainly need to be arranged as well as checked. An album can additionally take hrs to generate.

There are also various other things to consider, the experience of the photographer, training, the price of the tools, insurance coverage, production prices for prints as well as albums, the list could take place.

I think we also require to put the cost of a wedding event photographer into viewpoint. When you see the last figure upfront as a plan rate, it is easy to assume that the price is expensive. Just how much would you spend for some work to be done around the house or on your automobile?

The rate that a wedding celebration professional photographer charges does not seem that high when you contrast the same price per hour with a plumbing professional, an electrician or an auto mechanic.


Where do wedding photographers obtain their pricing?

Being a wedding celebration photographer coincides as being in any other company. When you first begin, you will require to assemble a service plan and do your marketing research. You take a look at your competitors as well as see what they need to use. After that you build your proposal in a manner that is competitive with them.

This is exactly what a wedding event professional photographer would do if they were establishing for the first time or re-evaluating their organization. They would certainly review other photographers to see what they are billing as well as also what they offer as part of each bundle, and then they would certainly base what they provide on what various other photographers do.

They would also take a look at the expenses involved with the solution that they provide and also their expense of living. It is the expense of living that is the main factor in regional variances in the price of the services supplied by professional photographers. Residence rates in the north of the country can be a whole lot lower than in the south. For that reason the expense of living would be much less.

First research into a wedding photographer would certainly show you that the majority of wedding professional photographers target themselves at the rate array. This price would additionally normally consist of either or a combination of an album, prints and a USB drive.

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What’s consisted of in a wedding photography package in Melbourne?

If you have ever gotten junk food or perhaps a coffee, you might remember the ‘super-size me’ strategy. You would walk in and order a burger only to be asked, “Would you such as fries with that?”

It was a means of providing the same thing only larger, or you would certainly go in and also purchase a number of things that you desired and the person serving you would certainly ask if you wanted the ‘meal offer’, it coincided thing, but it had an extra beverage for a couple of dimes a lot more. The even more it has actually proceeded, the a lot more we see established plans, as well as it can be difficult to get the thing you desired by itself, without being larger than you require or having the extra little bits that you don’t require.

Among the distinctions that you may discover between various wedding professional photographers, or without a doubt between the packages supplied by the same wedding celebration professional photographer, is what is included.

Several wedding photographers, presumably, just provide a complete day bundle. A bundle that covers every little thing from the wedding prep work right through to the night event. There are a couple of that will certainly supply a half-day rate although this shows up just to be offered by a couple of wedding photographers.


The Wedding Album

Albums are something that many wedding celebration photographers supply as a part of their bundles. A wedding album is among the extra typical facets of a wedding photography package. Wedding albums have actually been around from the very early days when every little thing was still filmed. It was a time when you obtained your prints and also an album from a local shop. You after that had an enjoyable night in bearing in mind the events of your wedding celebration while you choose the pictures to enter the album. Do you still obtain that exact same sensation from allowing the wedding celebration photographer select those photographs and also placed the cd together for you?

The USB Drive

A USB drive total in a fancy box. It is something that followed wedding photography went digital. Every one of your wedding event pictures well kept in a little box. Innovation adjustments though it had not been as long ago that pictures were delivered to you on a compact disc. If you are on a laptop computer, does it still have a cd drive? The standard USB drive is already being upgraded with the newer USB C drive. The length of time will it be up until that USB drive is out-of-date? What will you do with those wedding celebration pictures then?

Physical Prints

Remarkably, prints are something that you don’t see much consisted of with wedding celebration packages. You could suggest that prints remain in the wedding album, but suppose you wanted some to have around the home? You can also say that prints are easy sufficient to get printed on your own as long as you have the digital documents. The distinction below is that the print distributors that photographers utilize are generally of a higher quality than you could get on the high road.

Wedding Photos

Here is something typical with all wedding photographers. If anything, you might dispute that this is the only part of the bundle that you require. As soon as you have the images, you can do what you such as with them. You can publish them to go on the wall surface or as prints in your cd. You can submit them to make sure that you can produce your album or photobook. They get on your hard disk so as long as you back them up, you won’t have the difficulty of equipment modern technology ending up being out of date if the software program adjustments you can save them in a new style.

With each of these products included in your package, the price goes up. Not only is there the included price of the cd, USB or prints, there is likewise the professional photographer’s markup. The percent that they include just for giving the item. After that in addition to that, we return to the hourly rate that a wedding photographer would bill. Creating a cd, filling the images to a USB drive or setting up the prints all takes time. The time that is all billed at the wedding event professional photographers per hour rate.


Just how to conserve money on wedding pictures

You may have the ability to save cash by safeguarding accessibility to printing civil liberties rather than being contractually obliged to acquire prints and also augmentations from the photographer. Constantly make certain you understand whether you will certainly have full civil liberties to download and also publish images from any type of site you select. This will assist you comprehend the genuine final cost of your wedding images.

You can likewise conserve money by bundling engagement images with wedding photos for an affordable bundle rather than purchasing each event’s pictures individually.

And also lastly, do not hesitate to bargain or request discounts. Relying on the season and demand, you might have the ability to work out reduced prices for your wedding photos– especially if you get lower, more reasonable cost quotes from other wedding professional photographers.

Are wedding professional photographers worth it?

Why Is It So Pricey?

Working with a specialist wedding photographer Melbourne for a wedding celebration will always set you back greater than a simple per hour fee due to the travel time and expenses of packing up and or renting devices.

The greater the headcount, the higher the expense as well, because it’s challenging for one photographer to obtain everyone indicated to be in each image to cooperate. There is additionally the interaction time with sending out each participant pictures and also having them want adjustments or even more options.

The professional photographer likewise needs to take into account what the lights is like at the occasion centre and also normally needs to make an unforgettable trip there in advance to know what he or she is dealing with.

With wedding photographers being among the highest scheduled vendors, it’s also alleviating to see that they are just one of the highest-rated. On the whole, wedding professional photographers pull in a substantial 5 out of 5 stars when it pertains to the service they offer your wedding day.

Is there a way though that both the client and the wedding photographer could obtain what they want? The professional photographer intends to be paid their per hour price while the client desires a photographer that is even more within their budget plan.

Those extra little bits in the bundle boost the price, which benefits the wedding celebration Wedding photographer however they are likewise parts that the client does not necessarily want. Could the wedding photography be offered without the ‘super-size me’ deal?

If you take away the album, you conserve not only the cost of the album but likewise the time it requires to put it together. The same could be said concerning the USB drive, as well as they cost cash to get made and afterwards there is the moment to arrange and also load every one of the images.

The drawback to the wedding celebration professional photographer is that the average rate of a scheduling decline and possibly their annual wage. The opposite of this though is that by spending less time on each wedding, they are after that able to take more reservations.