What Wedding Themes Should You Consider?

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, which is why they are so important to the couples and their loved ones. Everything must be perfect, from the decorations to the wedding cake to the wedding food. The wedding theme, on the other hand, is an important factor in determining the mood of the day.

A wedding theme is an attempt to strike a balance between the various elements of the wedding. With the start of a new year, it’s natural to be curious about the popular wedding themes that prospective couples are looking forwards to.

Choosing your vision is one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning. You might want to combine elements of a rustic soiree with those of a bohemian soiree. Most importantly, you’ll need to communicate that vision to your florists, bakers, caterers, and others so that everyone is on the same page. Do you need assistance planning your wedding? Check out our list of Wedding Event Planners here.

When it comes to determining your wedding theme — whether joyful or simply romantic — your venue will play an important role in setting the tone. Here, we look at the most popular wedding themes that can be easily matched to various venue styles.

Traditional Wedding Theme
A traditional wedding theme is typically used to describe a classic, romantic wedding. A quarter of Australian couples say they want to have a traditional wedding. Of course, this can mean anything from a white wedding theme to a more formal setting, such as a church ceremony followed by a ballroom reception.

Other popular venue types for this couple include luxury hotel venues, heritage buildings, private estates, Art Deco banquet halls, art museums, and botanic garden venues.

Wedding With a Rustic Theme
Rustic is this year’s most popular wedding theme, with nearly half of Australian couples planning a wedding with rustic elements. Though this theme may conjure up images of waggon wheels and vintage furniture, the term rural refers to much more than just barn style.

Rustic wedding themes have always been popular among couples who want a relaxed and classic wedding. Although it has been popular for many years, teams continue to add their own spin to match their preferences.

Consider historic buildings, farm stays, cellar doors, heritage homesteads, warehouses, and vineyards as rustic wedding venues. These types of media work well with earthy elements and muted colour palettes, which contribute to the rustic feel of the style.

Rustic can mean a variety of things, but we prefer to simplify it with a simple farm-to-table baseline. This theme’s mainstays are natural textures such as wood and stone, organic paper products, and fresh food.

Low, sprawling centrepieces with fresh-from-the-field flowers dress up bare wood tables. Mixed glassware styles add a touch of glam, but the eclectic collection will still feel hand-curated.

The rustic theme exudes a more relaxed vibe that is all about the wedding, evoking a sense of calm. You could hire a bluegrass band to play during cocktail hour or invite your guests to an outdoor spit roast for dinner. It’s all about being a little earthy and creating a laid-back atmosphere where your guests can relax with a good drink and even better company.

Wedding With a Romantic Theme
There are no brownie points for guessing that “Romantic Wedding theme” is one of the most popular wedding themes, for the simple reason that the theme is based on love. A romantic wedding theme essentially incorporates a kaleidoscope of warm colours, placing candlelights on dinner tables, and decking out the venue with flowers and candles to embody the feeling of love and warmth.

Romantic weddings are all about celebrating romance with barely-there colours, soft lighting, and ethereal details like flowing dresses with airy fabrics.

We love the idea of kicking things off with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour complete with light appetisers and flutes of sparkling rosé. The finishing touch to the day is, of course, a beautiful tiered cake with an elegant cascade of flowers.

Outdoor Wedding Themes
What are some wedding themes to consider2?
Throughout the pandemic, we saw an increase in the popularity of outdoor wedding venues, and that trend appears to be continuing through 2021 and likely well into 2022. Why? Any wedding that is held outside has a lovely, natural feel to it.

The most popular outdoor venues for Australian weddings are a secret garden or a secluded beach, though farm stays, vineyards, open-air marquees, and urban rooftops provide more options for dining and dancing outside. We’ve even seen stunning Great Gatsby-themed outdoor weddings with perfectly manicured gardens brimming with boozy cocktails and shimmery decor.

During the warm summer months, outdoor themed weddings are popular. So, if you want to marry when summer finally arrives, you could have an outdoor themed wedding. Choosing a venue for an outdoor themed wedding is critical because the surroundings will set the tone of your wedding theme. Outdoor venues can include a national park, a desert, a courtyard of an estate, or a tranquil beach.

Wedding with a Vintage Feel
An authentic vintage themed wedding is a fusion of bygone era aesthetics and modern features. The intriguing aspect of a vintage-themed wedding is that it can be applied to any venue. The colour scheme of the forum, floral decorations, and furniture are chosen to represent a period with modern undertones.

This “from-another-time” theme is frequently confused with retro. The most noticeable distinction is in the era: retro refers to a specific time period, whereas vintage refers to antiques and Victorian details.

Instead of tablecloths or runners, tables could be draped with delicate layers of lace. Old furniture makes the best statement, so a lounge area with old armchairs or love seats would be ideal.

Modern Wedding Theme
Modern wedding themes cover a wide range of styles. They could include bold, bright colours that feel festive and vibrant. Alternatively, they could take place in a modern venue that is sleek and minimalist with lots of windows or a loft-style atmosphere.

Sleek fabrics, dried florals, statement installations, velvety lounge zones, and an abundance of candles are just a few of the trends we’re seeing in modern wedding themes this year. This type of venue typically has high ceilings, timber or concrete floors, exposed wood beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and contemporary lighting.

A modern wedding is all about exquisite simplicity. This wedding style is popular among city dwellers, urbanites, and design enthusiasts because it is formal but has enough playful touches to avoid feeling stuffy.

Expect a playful but incredibly sophisticated pattern mix, anchored by a streamlined colour scheme. The theme is reflected in every detail, from the carefully chosen table linens to the speciality cocktail. A modern monogram or cool logo can be used to personalise the menus and dance floor, while the cake will be extra but straightforward delicious (think: foodie ingredients and crazy flavours). Looking for the Best Wedding Planner in Melbourne? Look no further than our definitive list of Wedding Planners.

Theme of a Bohemian Wedding
Boho wedding themes have been popular for a few years and will continue to be so this year and next. Boho weddings, like the laid-back atmospheres of outdoor and rustic weddings, are all about embracing a chilled vibe. Design and styling should be polished but not overly so, and embracing rich colour stories and all things local (food, music, wine, flowers) are key to pulling off this theme.

Beach wedding venues and out-of-the-ordinary locations are popular with this theme. Many couples who prefer a Boho vibe prefer wineries, warehouses, and restaurant venues that have access to an outdoor space such as a garden or courtyard.

A bohemian wedding is inspired by free-spirited hippie culture. This type of wedding theme is best suited for couples who value their individuality and want to blend it with natural elements. The entire wedding set-up is an unconventional affair that best suits the idea of carefree bohemianism.

Boho style has a way of looking incredibly chic with minimal effort. It’s the “I woke up like this” of wedding themes. The décor is simple but eye-catching, and the colour scheme is usually a palette that can be found living harmoniously in a garden.

Expect mismatched bridesmaid dresses that show off everyone’s style while keeping the bridal party from looking too put together, and their bouquets will most likely be wispy, wild arrangements. The reception would include a cosy lounge area complete with teepees and pouffes. A naked cake adorned with fresh blooms is the perfect finishing touch.

Wedding With a Fairy Tale Theme
Fairy tale themed weddings are defined by elegance and class. A fairy tale themed wedding exudes royalty, from horse-drawn carriages to a full orchestra. A fairy tale wedding could be held in a fort, castle, palace, or barn courtyard.

A Garden-Themed Wedding
Again, a garden wedding venue may be best suited for spring and summer lovers. With verdant foliage as a backdrop, fresh floral arrangements on the tables, and outdoor seating, guests are sure to feel the romantic vibes at your garden themed wedding celebrations.

Wedding on the Beach
A wedding venue next to a lake, river, ocean, or sea will add a touch of elegance to the overall decor for all couples who adore beaches and all things nautical. The icy blue colour of the water, the warm breeze, and the sandy toes are all elements that will make your wedding experience unforgettable.

Wedding with a Desert Theme
While it is true that a barren desert is not the most romantic place to say “I do,” deserts are becoming popular wedding destinations. A desert-themed wedding can provide an inspiring landscape with a minimalist touch for couples who enjoy the scenery of arid cactus, never-ending dunes, a clear night sky, and dining in tents.

Moroccan-Inspired Wedding
A Moroccan themed wedding is a good choice for couples who appreciate subtlety. For a long time, a Moroccan-inspired wedding has been a popular choice due to its minimalistic approach to design elements. A Moroccan themed wedding will balance comfort and luxury with artefacts such as lanterns, a middle eastern styled Zaffa, and dresses with an oriental touch.

Additional Wedding Themes (and How to Make Them Your Own)
Alternative The term “alternative” has gotten a bad rap over the years, and we’re here to change that. Having a different theme indicates that your style is distinct and cannot be lumped in with other categories. These themes are frequently associated with subcultures such as Burning Man, Steampunk, Renaissance, and Marvel comics.

The bride may wear a traditional white gown, but her bouquet, headpiece, and accessories will be unique to her. She could also go for something unique, such as a multicoloured gown or a handcrafted cocktail dress. There’s a groom’s cake with a nod to his interests (think Captain America’s shield, R2D2, or a stadium from an iconic sport). There were also a lot of quirky touches, from the centrepieces to the favours.

Art Deco is a style that was popular in the 1920
This wedding theme is all about spunky glitz and glam, evoking the American 1920s, particularly art deco architecture (such as the Chrysler or Empire State buildings). They were, after all, the Roaring Twenties. We highly recommend some live music to get your guests on their feet, as energetic jazz music was the life of every party.

Plumbing white ostrich feathers spilling from centrepieces, sequinned tablecloths, and geometric designs embellish any art deco soirée. The most important aspect of one of these throwback parties? A tower of champagne.

Consider a venue that is completely whitewashed, from the linens to the floral arrangements. There may be a metallic or pastel accent, but the palette is overall light and airy, with different textures thrown in to keep things interesting.

Classic weddings are typically more formal—they are well-organized affairs. This could include a champagne cocktail hour, chargers at each place setting, and understated (but lovely) décor such as tealight candles or arrangements made up of a single floral variety.

What are some DIY wedding themes to consider?
DIY weddings take a lot of time and effort, and you can see the personalisation in every detail. The couple’s style shines through, whether it’s a hand-sewn pennant flag banner, a dessert bar carefully curated by many bakery visits, or handwritten escort cards.

A DIY wedding includes a customised stamp that prints the couple’s monogram on each invitation, a handcrafted paper flower bouquet, and favours packaged by the couple with personalised notes of thanks. A make-your-own food station (either in place of or in addition to a sit-down meal) is a must-have for the reception. For dessert, consider sliders with a variety of toppings and sauces, a crepe station, or s’mores fixings.

The ultimate source of wedding inspiration? The red carpet or the after-parties of award shows. Glittering celebrations feature jaw-dropping outfits, sweeping hairstyles, and old-Hollywood red lips.

A flower wall, elegantly draped fabric linens, or exquisitely prepared food are likely to be among the jaw-dropping details at a glamorous wedding that end up all over Instagram. The décor can range from neutral and minimalist to extravagant and over-the-top. Metallics are an absolute must. And something unexpected, such as a live performance or a fireworks display, will dazzle the audience.

This theme is centred on natural elements such as florals and farm-to-table food. The colour palette follows suit, with a subtle white or ivory colour combination contrasted with deep green garland and greenery.

Wooden family-style tables make a statement, and tablecloths are replaced with runners to show off the tables’ raw texture. A sustainable or eco-friendly theme may run throughout the décor, such as escort cards and menus printed on recycled paper or seed packets as favours..

Anchors and sailboats aren’t the only nautical details on display here. A sailor-worthy atmosphere is created by breezy linen fabrics, lighthouse décor, seashell escort cards, fishing line lighting installations, and blue watercolour palettes.

A preppy wedding is defined by bright colours, flirty lines, and versatile fabrics. The use of a modern motif or pattern to set off the bright colours is common, and the combination of the bold palette and graphic details elevates the entire atmosphere to flirty, fun levels.

Peonies are essential for a preppy wedding. This ruffled pink bloom is ideal for creating eye-catching centrepieces and accents. The ideal wedding gown would include a bow or two, as well as layers of flowy tulle. Because preppy weddings are more formal, expect a few fancy touches, such as calligraphy or chandeliers, alongside minimalist Kate Spade–inspired décor.

In this drive-in, sock hop, American Bandstand–era celebration, Mad Men meets Grease. Even if your guests can’t jive as well as the Bandstand dancers could back in the day, that’s how the atmosphere should be.

This was a time to be daring and express yourself, so a bright colour scheme of teal and cherry red or neon pink and yellow would be ideal for setting the tone. To round out the décor, a few throwback details, such as Coke served in its signature glass bottles, are ideal.

This elegant soiree embodies Southern charm. The main players in this wedding theme are soft florals, sweet refreshments, and ah-mazing bites like tartlets or honey biscuits.

A formal Southern affair necessitates going all out: bow ties, gloves, craft cocktails, traditional place settings, and delectable food. Old-fashioned touches, such as customised monograms, bring the day to life, as do all-white flowers mixed with sweet personalised details.

Consider whimsical wedding themes to be a cross between nature and boho, topped with a flower crown. It’s a little more on the storybook side, but in the best way possible.

Consider a garden party mingled with Alice in Wonderland. The invitations are the perfect place to introduce this theme—a quirky motif or wordplay can allude to the fun without giving away the entire idea. Mismatched bridal party dresses, thrifted china, and interactive entertainment (photo booth, anyone?) will make everything feel one-of-a-kind on the big day.

With a variety of wedding themes discussed, the couple should choose music that best reflects their insights into how they view marriage as an institution and what they hope to achieve in their future life. The chosen wedding theme should serve as a bond that unites the couple and their families while also establishing a connection with the guests. The wedding theme will undoubtedly leave an impression on the overall atmosphere of the event, as well as memories that will be treasured for a long time. Check out our ultimate list of Melbourne Wedding Planners to help you plan a stress-free wedding.

So, whether it’s a garden theme, a beach theme, an eco-friendly theme, or the grand old and most popular of all, a rustic themed wedding, with this article in hand, picking the best wedding theme is no longer a difficult task.

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